Samsung Galaxy S10 might Come with Sound on Display

Samsung Galaxy S10, an upcoming flagship device is in the news for past few months. which is expected to be launched next year. Samsung is in developing a new technology and is reportedly working on its own under the display speaker technology, Which is known as sound on display. It uses piezoelectric vibrations to emit sound trough the screen.

Xiaomi used this technology in the original Mi Mix. The smartphone will not need any external vent for earpiece speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S10 to come with Sound On Display

Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to come with some major trendy features.

The latest report suggests, Samsung has confirmed to its industry partners that it has decided to introduce the in-display fingerprint sensor for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

ET News says that:

“Samsung has been cautious about adopting in-display fingerprint technology,” but thanks to aggressive adoption by Chinese firms like Bibona and Huawei, Samsung has decided that it can’t postpone any further”

Samsung has not shared many details on how Sound on Display works. SoD generates sound through vibration, the entire handset vibrates and outs the sounds in excellent quality.

Let’s see that whether we will experience this innovative technology when Galaxy S10 launch or it will remain just a romur.

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