Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Caught Fire and Exploded in Flames

Just a week back, Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy Note 9 caught fireSamsung Galaxy Note 9 caught fire inside a women’s purse from New York. In a lawsuit, she told that she was using Galaxy Note 9 on Sept. 3 when it became extremely hot. The women stopped using the phone and put it in her purse. After some time she heard a whistling sound and noticed a thick smoke coming out of her purse. Samsung Fire sage has not ended yet as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Caught Fire.

Once Again: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Caught Fire

From last 2 years, Samsung is going through bad times. Initially, the battery of flagship Note 7 exploded which revealed that the device had some issue. The company had to recall all devices back to fix the issue. However when the people were provided with new devices, even they caught fire, sinking Samsung’s name.  August 2017 was the most difficult time for Samsung when they were accused of selling phones with exploding and draining batteries.

Now it happened once again as according to a new report, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge abruptly exploded and caught fire. The owner revealed that he had the phone in his back pocket and he wanted to take the picture but the Galaxy S7 Edge, froze and shut down. He placed the smartphone on one side after trying to switch it on. Just after a couple of seconds, the device caught fire.

The owner took the device to Samsung’s local customer service where he was told that the device cannot be replaced as the warranty has expired. The man then addressed a tweet to Samsung’s customer services departments. After this, he got a call from Samsung Morocco apologizing for the way the matter was handled by customer service.

After this, the company offered him a new Galaxy S9 and requested him to take down all social media post about the explosion of Galaxy S7 Edge.

Here is the whole story:

Finally, Samsung gave him Galaxy S9 with no strings attached. Here are the images of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Caught fire.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Caught Fire and Exploded in Pieces

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Caught Fire and Exploded in Pieces

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Caught Fire and Exploded in Pieces

What do you think about the flagship device having so many issues? Are you Going to buy Samsung devices again?

Source: PhoneArena 

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