Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to have a smaller outer screen

When we talk about foldable screens, what comes to our mind is a giant screen that can be folded. However, there is another story when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.  Shockingly, the upcoming foldable device of Samsung- Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a small outer screen, extremely smaller as compared to its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to have a smaller outer screen

If this information is true, the device will have a 5.4″ outer display having 816×2260 resolution. These are the same measurements as the Galaxy Z fold 3 outer screen. Isn’t it strange? Maybe it’s just a typo and they wanted to write 6.5′, but if it’s not the case, I bet no one will buy Samsung’s upcoming foldable device.

As the Galaxy Fold2 had a 6.23″ outer screen, we were expecting that Fold 3 will be bigger in size that is 7.6″ to 7.7″.

Oppo’s upcoming device will have a 7.1″ inner screen and a 1.5-2″ outer display. All the smartphone manufacturers including Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo which has 8″ inner screen and 6.5″ inch outer screen are outsourcing displays from Samsung. Xiaomi is using both Samsung Disp[lays and TCL CSOT. However, Samsung whose prime work also relies on display has opted for a small display for its own device is quite confusing.

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