Samsung Internet Browser Brings Ability to Move URL at Bottom

While many people do not use Samsung Internet Browser, but it is still trying to make it better in the hope to get more users on board. With each update, the browser is getting better than before and for some time the company was testing a couple of features with a beta version of the browser. It seems that the time has come as people have started receiving these features. Spotted by an MSPU reader, the update has brought one of the most requested features ie; the ability to move the URL at the bottom of the screen.

The overall UI layout totally resembles Safari iOS 15, however, the doesn’t matter since the above-mentioned feature is one of the best things that can land for users and it will make things less confusing and easier to manage. However, this is not the only thing that has come in the latest update for the Samsung Internet browser.

Some other important features are launched for users that improve the usability and security of the browser. The newly launched Smart Anti-Tracking feature is further enhanced as it blocks tracking by using small pixel images. Moreover, the search experience is also enhanced as the URL bar gives suggestions when users enter search keywords into the URL bar.

So if you are a Samsung user, and want to enjoy these features,  download the latest update via the Galaxy Store. Also, this app is listed in the Google Play Store if you want to opt for this option.

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Fizza Atique

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