Samsung Internet Browser is Now Available on all Android Phones

Hats off to Samsung for enabling its web-browser on all android phones. Samsung Internet v6.2 was previously available only on Samsung’s smartphones or Google’s Nexus and/or Pixel devices, but now it is convenient for all the android users to download it from Play Store or the Galaxy Apps store. Samsung Internet Browser is Now Available on all Android Phones.

What’s so special about this Samsung Internet v6.2? Well, there are quite a few things to cherish upon Samsung’s new internet browser. It is fast, reliable, safe, secure and is compatible for all android devices. Moreover you can Download, install and manage the ad blocking services directly in Samsung browser from the updated Content Blockers section of the Settings menu. Doing this, Samsung is saving the users’ privacy and their data plan! Another plus for using Samsung Internet v6.2 is that it enhances the battery life of the smartphone.

Samsung Internet Browser is Now Available on all Android Phones

Unlike other browsers, Samsung internet browser has a built in Tracking Blocker extension which is powered by Disconnect Inc, a privacy protection company. This feature incorporated by the aforesaid organization, blocks all trackers making your browsing private. This is a feature which is set by default mode when the user is in incognito mode.

Users of this browser are also able to enable another handy mode i.e. ‘Sync with Samsung Cloud’. This can be activated in the settings menu which allows syncing of bookmarks, saved pages and open multiple tabs across all of your Android devices.

In this newest version, Samsung also announced the browser was getting a Night Mode and a High Contrast mode, for browsing with white text on a black background, to reduce eye strain. Night mode of Samsung’s newest browser might be the savior for you if you extensively use your browser at night. This mode of v6.2 reduces the bright light of your phone’s screen, making it safer for your eyes.

Besides this, High Contrast Mode of this browser will show text in white on a darker background making it easily readable especially for the visually impaired users. Apparently, Samsung Browser has all the ingredients which will do the trick for its users. Let’s see how the market responds to this new upgrade!!

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