Samsung Introduces Galaxy S9’s 480fps Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus already include a 960fps slow-motion mode. Moreover, it has been revealed by the ‘Reddit users‘ that Samsung’s S9 users have got another 480fps mode in the latest update. Galaxy S9’s 480fps Mode is a super slow-motion mode. So, if you are interested in making a super slo-mo then this 480fps mode is definitely a good option.

Galaxy S9’s 480fps Mode

The 480fps mode lets you record a video for up to 0.4 seconds. The end result is a 12-second video at 720p resolution. The 960fps mode also records in 720p resolution, but only gives you 0.2 seconds of real-time recording. The end result is a six-second video which means that the 480fps mode offers twice as much time in order to get the shot right. As we all know that everything has some pros and cons. So is the case with this mode. The catch is that the new mode replaces the existing 960fps option for manual mode,  although 960fps is still available in automatic mode.

The sad part of the news is especially for those users who got the hang of 960fps mode even with its relatively shorter recording time. Otherwise, it is a good option. We know that Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus also features a regular 240fps slow-motion mode that records in 1080p resolution. This mode is much more common. Although the slow-motion doesn’t look dramatic but it gives you more recording time as compared to other modes.

The update also includes the July security patch. It has also made AR Emojis more stable. The latest update is available for the unlocked models right now but the company claims that the carrier versions will also get it soon.

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