Samsung Introduces Insurance Cover For Its Smartphone And Tablet Users

Personal communication and information technology devices, with each passing day, are becoming extremely sophisticated as a result of which the consumers are facing increasing challenges of protecting their device against damages.

Samsung Introduces Insurance Cover for its Smartphone & Tablet Users

In addition to accidental damage being the biggest threat for the consumers, smartphone owners have an increased risk of robberies due to the poor law and order situation in Pakistan.

Such incidents, when they occur, make the consumers wish for some sort of insurance or protective remedy provided by companies in order to compensate for such losses at a time when smartphone prices are rising.

Although there are after-sale service centres in Pakistan, none of them are giving free insurance to the consumers in case of theft or damage.

To address the situation, Samsung Electronics Pakistan has introduced insurance cover for its smartphone and tablet users – in the name of Accidental Insurance and Tab Secure – which has come into effect from August this year.
[blockquote cite=”Saadul Hassan, Corporate Marketing Head of Samsung Electronics”] We want to tell people that the major benefit in this technological world is to buy products and receive services of global brands. It is not a gimmick; we have to involve our consumers with the company so they feel the difference. [/blockquote] [list style=”list11″ color=”gray”]

  • The company – following the mechanism of its parent company – has signed an agreement with AON Pakistan to provide free accidental coverage for Samsung handsets and tablets against damages and repairs with no extra premium within the warranty time.
  • But challenges still persist as the services are far from matching global standards. Customers who use the insurance cover are not satisfied with the quality of services at the initial stage.
[/list] [info]Prone to fraud[/info] For a company to implement this strategy in its true spirit, it has to overcome the challenges of misuse of services like wrong claims of accidental and theft insurance.
[blockquote cite=”Hassan”] We are providing this service for all smartphones and tablets and we understand how to deal with fraudulent claims, the use of software can distinguish between claims – something the company owns. In cases of theft insurance, a First Information Report (FIR) is a must. [/blockquote]

He added the device would be repaired with a ‘no question policy’ from the company. With this introduction of insurance cover for the smartphone and tablet market – a much-needed facility in Pakistan – it might be the beginning of competition between companies who will rush to provide more protective covers for gaining a higher market share.

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