Samsung is Top Brand in Russia from Last 10 Years

For the 10th consecutive year, Samsung Electronics has been given the title for Russia’s most popular brand. The South Korean tech giant is Russia’s most favorite consumer brand and has been in the lead for the last 10 years. Samsung has been ranked the top of the 20 top brands ranking, which was recently revealed by the Russian brand research agency Online Market Intelligence (OMI), according to the survey.

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For 10 years between 2011 and 2020, Samsung hasn’t lost the No. spot among Russia’s most beloved brands. For 12 consecutive years, Samsung has been ranked top in the “Household appliances” category by product category and for 8 and 10 consecutive years in mobile phones and electronics categories. The OMI rankings meanwhile have been based upon study of 1.500 people who live in over million people in 13 cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Samsung is on the Top in Brands from Last 10 Years in Russia


Business Korea reports, in this list, 17.9% of the total votes were owned by the company. This also marked, however, a decline of 0.6% in votes from 18.5% in 2019. Adidas obtained 12.2 percent of the overall votes, led closely by the smartphone manufacturer. In the 3rd and 4th place Nike and Apple come respectively with 11.7% and 9.7%. These rankings have remained unchanged from the list of the last year. Other popular brands such as Bosh (5.8%), Sony (4.8%), Xiaomi (4.6%), Coca Cola (4.6%), LG (4.1%), and Jara (3.1%), will also feature later on their chart.

Particularly, Huawei was in the 13th position in 2020, a new entry into the ranking. We had previously focused on the top 20 Russian brands of Chinese tech giants such as Xiaomi and Huawei. We should also expect that companies can also expand in the area. Samsung was first listed in 2008 at the beginning of OMI and ranked first in 2009. In 2010, Nokia surrendered its throne, but it regained control in 2011 and has yet to be toppled.

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