Samsung is Under Fire Over Misleading Galaxy Phone Adverts

This is not the first time a smartphone company is accused of misleading its customers over the false adverts. Huawei was sued two times for faking DSLR images as their devices. This time Samsung is under hot water for misleading users for so many years by producing misleading Galaxy Phone Adverts.

Galaxy Phone Adverts Faking Water Resistance Capability of Devices

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is taking Samsung to court for misleading customers of water resistance galaxy phones. No company has the right to showcase any feature in the advert which is not available in their devices. While telling about the whole scenario, ACCC said in a statement:

“Samsung has widely advertised on social media, online, TV, billboards, brochures and other media that the Galaxy phones are water resistant and depicted them being used in, or exposed to, oceans and swimming pools.”

It also stated that:

One ad showed a phone being used underwater at a pool, another described “capturing your Sunday surf session at the beach”, and another showed a man floating on an inflatable with a water-splashed phone on his sternum”

According to ACCC, all the adverts are wrong and deceitful as Galaxy devices are not suitable to be used in all kinds of water as shown in ads. Well, Samsung will be charged a high amount for this.

It should also be mentioned here that the Korean tech giant is not the only company who used this “water resistant”  fake advert to sell their devices. Previously HTC U11 had to remove their advert for the very same case.

Fizza Atique

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