Samsung is Working on Budget Foldable Phone

A foldable phone is a new technology and every new tech in town is quite expensive until it gets common in the smartphone market. Since all the big tech giants including Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, and Oppo are working on flagship foldable devices, South Korean company, Samsung has decided to launch an Affordable budget foldable phone for users who cannot afford high-end devices.

Samsung is Working on Budget Foldable Phone

So, the company is working on two affordable phones revealed by tipster Max Weinbach. While telling about Samsung affordable foldable line, Max tweeted:

“There’s a rumor, and keep in mind this is a rumor, Samsung will be releasing a Galaxy Fold e for $1100.They are also working releasing 3 folds. Two with plastic, one with UTG. Could explain the Winner2 vs Champ codenames.”

According to SAM Mobile, these economical foldable phones carry model number  SM-F415 and one of these devices will have 64GB and 128GB storage options whereas various color options including blue, green, and black. Right not nothing is known much about the device and as the information doesn’t come from much reputable resource, so there is no confirmation whether it is right or wrong.

Samsung’s second folding device, Galaxy Z Flip costs  $600 less than the first one which was launched for $1,980. So, it seems that the company has realized that an extra foldable device is not going to work for it. Moreover, Samsung is also expected to launch the stripped-down version of Galaxy Z fold 2 in 2021 which will be priced around $900. This overpriced device will be out of range for many people.

From this, it is evident that Samsung is trying to launch a foldable line for different price ranges. If Samsung will launch a foldable phone, it will have compromised specs, mid-tier camera, and average cover display. Let’s wait and watch.

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