Samsung Kills Bixby Button When Disabled With The Latest Bixby Update

Samsung has been making a lot of adjustments when it comes to the dedicated Bixby button on its latest flagships which include the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung Kills Bixby Button When Disabled With The Latest Bixby Update.

Samsung Kills Bixby Button When Disabled With The Latest Bixby Update

The company has earlier pushed updates for the Bixby app that stopped users from remapping the button for other features than Bixby Voice. Many users gave feedback that this feature is annoying as Bixby button used to get pressed accidentally and woke up the assistant.

Samsung has previously shown rigid behaviour for Bixby button which sparked a silent quarrel between the development community and the company. The community released several workarounds to remap the Bixby button, but Samsung kept sending OTAs to suppress all those tricks. After getting on with the war for a few months, in September, Samsung finally sent an OTA that allowed users to disable the Bixby button. Even after that update, it did not kill the button altogether. Users still had the choice to long press it and get Bixby into action even after disabling it.

Finally today the company has sent out another OTA that completely kills the Bixby button thus making it completely useless on the device. So, now when Bixby button is disabled, there is no chance for it to wake up even when pressed longer.


This latest update should bring some closure to Bixby button haters who have been complaining about the annoyance caused by bixby button in Samsung Galaxy S8.

For now, the Bixby saga is over for those who were really irritated by this button. Lets see what updates the S9 brings when it rolls out.

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  • Samsung should allow us to assign the Bixby button to any app we want. I turned Bixby off the minute I discovered how to do it. I can say “OK Google” and do everything Bixby would do anyway. Bixby was trying to reinvent what Google as already done. Now we just need a way to use the button previously known as Bixby. Samsung owes us because for $800 we should have all the buttons actually function. Frankly, while I love Samsung I wished that button would pull up HTC Sense or anything of substance that would either entertain or educate me.

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