Samsung Mobile Prices In Pakistan Increased As Dollar Climbs To Rs 155.85 In Open Market

We all know that Currency fluctuations have important effects on macroeconomic outcomes. The Exchange Rate Affects the economy of a country in several ways. The rate of inflation is the most important factor that is affected due to variations in the Exchange Rate. In Pakistan, Dollar has hit a record high of Rs 155.85 raising inflation fears. Due to an increase in the US Dollar Exchange Rate, the price of almost everything has increased. It also affected the tech market. Recently, the tech giant has shared the list containing revised Samsung Mobile Prices In Pakistan. So, if you want to check out which Samsung Phones now falls in your budget after an increase in prices, then you are at the right place.

Increase In US Dollar Exchange Rate Led To Increment In Samsung Mobile Prices In Pakistan

Following is the list of some of the Samsung Phones with their revised prices. Let’s have a look at that:

  • Galaxy A70
    Old RRP: PKR 61,999
    *New RRP: PKR 67,999*
  • Galaxy A50
    Old RRP: PKR 51,999
    *New RRP: PKR 54,999*
  • Galaxy A30
    Old RRP: PKR 39,999
    *New RRP: PKR 40,999*
  • Galaxy A20
    Old RRP: PKR 29,999
    *New RRP: PKR 31,500*
  • Galaxy A10
    Old RRP: PKR 21,500
    *New RRP: PKR 23,500*

Due to the increase in the US Dollar Exchange Rate, the RRPs of the above mentioned Samsung models are revised. If the Dollar Rate keeps on increasing, then it is expected that the price of upcoming models would be quite high. Moreover, it will also lead to a further increment in the Prices of phones already available in the market.

Laiba Mohsin

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