Samsung Must Pay Apple $539 Million for Copying iPhone Patents

The patent war between two large smartphone players in the industry has not finished yet. The jury in U.S. District Court in San Jose ruled that Samsung Must pay Apple $539 million for Copying iPhone Patents.

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The detailed that Samsung has copied five iPhone patents. According to report most of the money was charged due to the violation of three design patent by Apple whereas Samsung will pay rest of the money for copying two utility patents. Right now Samsung has not appealed against Jury’s decision.

Samsung Must Pay Apple $539 Million for Copying iPhone Patents: US District Court

This is just the most recent skirmish involving the two smartphone makers being biggest over this matter. It began long ago in 2011 whenever Apple filed a case, claiming Samsung had infringed on lots of its iPhone patents, which it stated Samsung utilized in its Galaxy smartphones that are earliest. In 2012, a jury ruled Samsung must spend $930 million in damages, however in 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals cut Samsung’s penalty down seriously to “just” $548 million.

Samsung had paid the amount to Apple in December 2015. However, alter on Samsung paid appeal to U.S. Supreme Court that Samsung doesn’t have to pay $399 million amount to Apple. The case was sent to the lower courts to reconsider the specific patents.

According to CNET, during this trial that is new Samsung agreed to spend Apple its requested $5.3 million penalty for copying the 2 utility patents. Nonetheless, it tried to argue that it only needed to spend $28 million for the 3 design patent violations.

Apple said the penalty must certainly be an impressive $1.07 billion. In this complete case, it is expected jury will cut Apple’s requested amount by about half of what it had wanted.

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