Samsung to Invests $40 Million in Niantic for an Exclusive Harry Potter Game

Samsung is reportedly investing $40 million in Niantic for an exclusive Harry Potter game. Just to remind you that Niantic is the company who has launched one of the most popular games Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go Creators to make Harry Potter Augmented Reality Game. The creators of Pokemon Go are in a process to bring magic in our life. The game will use augmented reality to make a real-world environment.

Pokemon Go Creators to make Harry Potter Game

The app will allow players to cast spells, find artifacts, team up and encounter magical beasts and characters from the popular book series. The working of the game is same as of Pokemon Go. The game will use real location which allows players to “catch” animated characters that appeared in their real surroundings.

Both the companies have not revealed any information regarding this. But we can expect that they will announce the partnership in the coming week. Moreover, back in 2017, Niantic has announced the launch of augmented reality game Harry Potter game. But now it seems like we still need to wait for more to get the app working. Moreover, the games will be available in many Galaxy smartphones once it launched.

Until now do tell us in the comment section below what do you expect from this partnership?

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