Samsung Notch Display Teaser is an Utter Disappointment- Here’s Why

Samsung is one of those few lucky smartphone makers who has never used a notch on its devices. However, there is bad news for Samsung customers. Samsung is planning to incorporate notches in the upcoming devices. Samsung Notch Displays were announced at Samsung’s annual developer conference in which company revealed new ways to further slim down bezels.

 Surprise! A Samsung notch is coming soon

Samsung fans have always praised Samsung for not incorporating Notched displays like other smartphone giants. So people will not be happy to hear the news. The names of three notch designs are Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O. Probably these devices are named after the general shape of the cutout.

The U shape is like the Essential Phone’s notch whereas V is just a weirdly sharp version of that. The Infinity-O is probably the best of the three. That one has a hole in the display off to the left. In a teaser, it can be easily seen that the O cutout is much lower than the status bar where traditional notches are placed.

Regardless of what Samsung intends to do on its next few smartphones, it seems like notched displays from Samsung are in our future. This is quite ironic that Samsung was the one who laughed at Google’s Notch, is now ready to introduce notches.  Samsung also revealed the name of its foldable devices, though people were not happy with it. The name of the Foldable device is infinity Flex.

Will we see one of these in the Galaxy S10? Or will we jump straight to New Infinity and skip the notch phase? I don’t know!

Fizza Atique

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