Samsung Offers Free Galaxy Phone Sanitizing Services

Samsung provides free cleaning of the mobile while global health authorities have urged the general public to be more conscious of personal hygiene in the battle against the current epidemic of Coronavirus. 

According to a recent study (via SamMobile), Samsung has unveiled a new’ Galaxy Sanitizing Facility’ in selected markets including Pakistan to clean users ‘ Galaxy phones for free’. The operation, which comes in the aftermath of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide, is reported to be accessible in 19 countries at present. 


Samsung is known to use UV-C light to clean Galaxy phones, smartwatches and wireless earbuds from consumers rather than use certain additives that could otherwise harm such products–the oleophobic coating, for example, in the case of its Galaxy phones. 

Samsung isn’t the only company in the world that’ encourages’ the phones to be disinfected instead of the novel coronavirus alert. Apple has also recently updated its website’ How to Clean Your Apple Goods’ to let Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod users realize that washing their computers with disinfectant wipes is OK.

Considering that we contact our smartphones more than 50 times a day, there was an increasing concern in cleanliness when it comes to our mobile devices as a Deloitte report noticed in 2018. If you’re going to sanitize your phone at home, consider using a dampened soft cloth and be careful not to get moisture through any holes. 

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Nayab Khan

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