Samsung Patent Reveals Video Calls with AR Emoji

Recently, a patent filled by Samsung suggests that the company is rolling out new AR-emoji tech for a FaceTime-esque video call. Last week Samsung patent indicates that this new AR Emoji will combat with live video.
PatentlyMobile first spotted this patent. Samsung’s AR Emoji are basically its version of Apple’s Animoji.

Samsung patent suggests video calls using AR Emoji

Almost five years ago Samsung has applied for the patent, at that time there was nothing like AR Emoji in mind. However, the patent talked about a system that would offer users to video chat with each other by using a “3D mesh model” of their face. The 3D model will be transferred to the other device. Instead of regular video, the 3D model will react to the facial expressions and these expressions changes would only be transmitted.
Last week patent said:
“Existing video communication systems typically require high bandwidth and are inherently high latency as entire image sequences need to be generated and compressed before transmitting the signal to the another device. It also states that people usually can’t make eye contact while video chatting because the camera isn’t mounted directly in a screen. A need exists for a visual communication system capable of displaying the user’s actual likeness, facial expressions, and motion in real time, while reducing bandwidth.”
This new system would solve bandwidth issue. The patent shows that when users are doing video chat they rarely seem to be looking directly at whoever they are chatting to, that is because the camera is normally placed above or below the display. The virtual version of the users, who are chatting, can correct the image, that look like the users are directly looking at the each other.

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