Samsung Plans to Bring VR to Smartphones with Oculus


Samsung Plans to Bring VR to Smartphones with Oculus

The South Korean giant, Samsung is working with Facebook’s Oculus to bring VR to its Smartphones. A new media report however indicates that the company is tying-up with the pioneers in the field, Oculus VR, in a bid to bring a mobile VR experience to the market soon.

The reported deal is seen as beneficial in the long-term for both Oculus VR (now-owned by Facebook) and Samsung, helping the companies address difficulties in bringing the technology to the market in a form that is affordable and attractive to consumers.

Oculus VR, with its current $350 Rift VR headset prototype that requires a high-end computer to power it, gets more than a toe into the mobile VR market with a virtual reality software it has been building alongside running on future Samsung smartphones. It also gains from the South Korean electronics giant’s hardware expertise to bring costs down on its VR headset while also working to optimise the platform so it is scalable and portable enough to be powered by smartphones and tablets.

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