Samsung Plans to integrate Voice Assistant Bixby to your TVs & Fridges

After a long Delay, Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant was finally launched to S8 and S8 plus owners. However it was just a matter of time that Bixby voice assistant was jsut confined to phones. Samsung Plans to integrate Voice Assistant Bixby to your TVs & Fridges.

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Samsung plans to bring digital assistant, Bixby to electronics appliances. The company will start incorporating Bixby to its own refrigerators and Smart TVs. Samsung is also in talks with third party to incorporate Bixby, Voice Assistant to non-Samsung products in future.

Samsung Plans to integrate Voice Assistant Bixby to your TVs & Fridges

This news was announced on Bixby 2.0 developers conference in San Francisco. The revamped Bixby 2.0 is smarter and has much better voice recognition capabilities. Bixby 2.0 is reported to have personalized features.

This is the first time ever that Samsung has decided to to incorporate Bixby to electronic device other than smartphones. This is a big move on Samsung’s part as their voice Assistant is lagging behind Google and Amazon.

It is expected that by integrating Bixby to electronic home appliances, may be Samsung will over pass Amazon and Google which are considered to be strong players in this area. Samsung is already earning well by selling washers, dryers, Tvs, Cameras and Fridges.

Bixby 2.0 is smarter and has better voice recognition capabilities

Samsung has not revealed that how many of Samsung’s appliances will support Bixby soon. The smartphone giant has announced that it will start integrating Bixby Voice Assistant with its smart TVs and Family Hub Refrigerator. Family Hub Refrigerator is a camera equipped fridge so that you can check whats inside when not at home.

The company has told that Bixby-enabled TVs will ship next year to U.S. and Korea. However it is not known that when Bixby will be ready for the Family Hub fridges and other appliances.

Opening up Bixby to other parties will also help Samsung to generate revenue. For this purpose Samsung has planned to open up Bixby SDK more widely soon.

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