Samsung Plans To Replace Galaxy J Series By Several New Lineups

We all know that it was revealed earlier that Samsung is preparing a new Galaxy P series. However, that was not the case. The industry sources came forward to confirm that Samsung Galaxy P30 & P30+ will Be Launched As Part Of Newly Expanded Galaxy A Series. Later on, their new names were also unveiled. Recently, a new report revealed that Samsung is planning to scrap its entry-level Galaxy J series entirely. Moreover, the company is expected to introduce new lineups.

Galaxy J series Will Be Replaced By New Lineups

A tipster Ice Universe confirmed that the company’s plans are much more complex. He unveiled that Samsung is planning to end the J series. Furthermore, Samsung will adopt a new smartphone strategy by introducing new alphabetical lineups. Let’s have a look at the Tweet.

Samsung is said to have plans for “several” new smartphone lines. The new lineups will play a major role in Samsung’s strategy in the smartphone market to move forward. Last month, a report revealed that Samsung had plans to scrap its Galaxy J series entirely. Moreover, the company was expected to replace it with a new set of Galaxy M-series.
According to reports, the Galaxy A series will continue to focus on providing a quality experience across different price points for a wide range of users. However, the new lineups are expected to cater towards more specific groups of consumers and markets.
If the recent information is accurate, then there is a huge possibility that Galaxy J series may be ending with the company’s most recent releases that are the Galaxy J4+ and J6+. However, there are still no official words about it by the company. Let’s wait and watch what will be the company’s next step.

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