Samsung Responds to Messages App Bug

Few days ago we informed our readers about Samsung Messages Bug that transfers all the gallery content of the phone to others while sending messages. So many users have reported about the bug on different social platforms.

In our last blog of Samsung Messages Bug, we told you that the bug was found in Samsung Galaxy S9,S9+ and in Note 8 but also in those devices where the new Samsung Messages app was downloaded.

Samsung Responds to Bug that Shares Gallery Content

The specific reason of this bug was not identified. However, according to Reddit, disabling storage permissions for the Samsung Messages app seems to be the workaround. The steps to disable the storage permissions for the Samsung Messages app are quite easy and simple. You have to go to Settings > Apps > Samsung Messages > Permissions > Storage, and change it.

However, Samsung remained silent on this issue but now the company has responded. Samsung said in a statement:

“We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it. Concerned customers are encouraged to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG,”

After this statement of Samsung, we can expect now that soon company will fix this messages app bug that is no doubt making troubles for users. Well the response of company came after so many complaints of users on social platforms. So the late response is not appreciable but we can expect something good.

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