Samsung to Introduce a Smaller Galaxy Note10

Hey Samsung lovers! Your favorite mobile manufacturer is going to surprise you with a new amazing gadget. For the very first time, we are hearing about a smaller Galaxy Note. Anyhow, we can’t say it is very first time that Samsung is going to introduce the smallest version of any device.

The Korean website The Bell has reported that Samsung is sourcing components for two different sizes of Note 10, one of that will come with a 6.7-inch screen size just like the Galaxy S10 5G while another one will have a smaller display than that.

Samsung is Working a Smaller Galaxy Note10

However, Samsung is first planning to release different versions of its Galaxy S phones with flat and rounded displays. It is like that Samsung has got the inspiration from Apple when it started rolling out a normal iPhone and a “Plus” size iPhone. So, after that Samsung has also decided to follow the steps of Apple and do the same.

Well, The idea of Samsung offering a smaller and more affordable Galaxy Note phone alongside its main flagship model is highly appreciable.  According to Bell’s inside info, the smaller version of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10 will come with a triple-lens camera on the rear of the phone. However, the other specs of the phone are yet to be decided.

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