Samsung to Produce One Million Units of its Samsung Foldable Smartphone Initially

Samsung unveiled the foldable smartphone at SDC 2018 in such a way that the actual device was in the black box and only the display was shown to people without revealing the overall device. The company revealed that soon it will start mass production of Infinity Flex foldable display. It means we are not going to see the Samsung foldable smartphone before next year.

Samsung’s mobile division boss DJ Koh has said that the company will initially produce one million units of the device. Maybe later on Samsung will increase production if the market response is good. He also confirmed that the foldable device of Samsung will be available globally.

Samsung foldable smartphone will be rolled Out globally

At a developer conference, Samsung revealed some new information about the upcoming foldable device. The company revealed key specs that include pixel density, screen size, and aspect ratio in both the folded and unfolded modes.

The major thing is that the name has also revealed of this foldable device and that is Samsung Infinity Flex.

The Samsung Foldable Smartphone has a Pixel density of standard 420 ppi, which is not high but fine. Resolution, when folded, is 840 x 1960, but 1536 x 2152 when unfolded.

The folded, phone version of the Infinity Flex has a 4.58-inch display with an aspect ratio of 21:9. No doubt, that will make it pretty much the tallest device on the market but not the greatest screen for game-playing or video viewing.

However, the unfolded, tablet version is clearly the primary mode for game-playing or video viewing because it has a more standard 4.2:3 aspect ratio and a screen size of 7.3 inches.

Let’s see when the Samsung foldable phone will arrive.

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