Samsung to Supply Edge OLEDs to Oppo

The Korean website The Bell has reported that the Samsung will supply Edge OLEDs to Oppo. Edge display is one defining characteristics of the high-end Galaxy devices from Samsung, the curved screen on both sides give impressive look.

The latest reort says that the Samsung will supply 6.42-inch flexible OLED panels to Oppo this month.

Samsung Edge OLEDs are Five Times Expensive than Normal Displays

Edge OLEDs are five times expensive than normal displays, so the device with edge display by Oppo phone will likely be expensive. The Flexible OLED display costs about $100 for each panel, while straight panels which cost about $20 per panel.

The report says that an Oppo phone with an Edge OLED will be available as early as July or August of this year.

OLED is an emerging display technology which is becoming the mainstream display technology in so many markets. OLED enables display panels that offer the best quality of image and free design as they can be made flexible and transparent. The OLED displays by Samsung are considered to be the best in the industry and the Korean company is the clear lead in AMOLED production for mobile devices.

Currently, Samsung is producing over 300 million AMOLED displays in a year, used mostly in smartphones that include Samsung’s own Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

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