Samsung UV sterilizer can disinfect your devices

Probably your smartphone is overflowing with germs, which is especially dangerous during a global pandemic. Now Samsung Thailand (via SamMobile) has a pretty cool alternative a handheld system that loads your handset with UV radiation and disinfects it. Samsung launched UV sterilizer which can disinfect certain products such as smart devices, earphones and even lenses may also be disinfected with it. 

The release of the UV Sterilizer comes four months after the introduction of a full-fledged system sanitization program, launched by Samsung in reaction to the initial COVID-19 outbreak. By then, the Seoul-based company has contributed tens of millions of dollars to humanitarian initiatives for coronavirus across the world , in addition to launching a broad variety of topical and creative developments in the U vein 

The UV Sterilizer is a Qi wireless adapter with a maximum capacity of 10W on the charging end. This even has an on / off LED light, which shuts down instantly when you remove the door. The Samsung UV Sterilizer will be eligible for the price of ($51) in Thailand beginning July 1. There is no news about the distribution globally. 

As for the device in possession, it fits in a fairly unobtrusive case running in 228 mm x 128 mm x 49 mm

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