Samsung's 48-Megapixel Camera Sensor to Come in the Galaxy S10

Yesterday, Samsung has announced two new 0.8-micrometer pixel image sensors. The first offers a 48-megapixel sensor and called the GM1. The other has a 32-megapixel sensor called the GD1. It is to be expected that Samsung’s 48-Megapixel Camera Sensor will pop in the Galaxy S10
Samsung's 48-Megapixel Camera Sensor to Come in the Galaxy S10
The company built its own image sensors specifically for handsets with multiple-camera systems. If users select a lower resolution it will deliver low-light sensitivity equivalent to a pixel four times the size.

Samsung’s 48-Megapixel Camera Sensor may Pop Up in the Galaxy S10

In a statement, Samsung said:

that it believes “cameras are becoming a key distinguishing feature in today’s mobile devices.” The problem, however, is that companies need to find a way to “fit multiple cameras into the sleek designs of their latest flagships.”

These new image sensors are much smaller than their predecessors. These new sensors will provide for “great design flexibility” by not taking too much space.
There are also some other features that include a real-time high-dynamic range in the GD1 for richer colors in high-contrast or low light environments, and gyro-based electronic image stabilization.
The Samsung said that the production of new sensors will start in the fourth quarter this year, so we can expect these sensors to come in Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy S10.

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