Samsung’s Components Demand Result in Record Fourth-Quarter Profit

Samsung is among the Big Tech, that has secured a big chunk in the smart device markets. Samsung is not only famous for it smart phones and tablets. It is also in demand for the component business. The components are used in everything from phones to data centers. In the prevailing pandemic the shortage of different components will boost the Samsung’s Components demand. The increasing demand will result in Samsung’s record fourth-quarter profit.

On January 6th, Korean electronics giant Samsung said that their fourth quarter profit from the operating sectors is expected to be 13.8 trillion ($11.4 billion). Which is an increase of more than 52% as compared to its last year profit.

The actual reason for the boost in the profits is not given by the company. But the rumor has it that in the prevailing conditions of Coronavirus, as people are forced to work from home, people have been buying electronic gear and other goods, has helped in the increase in the profits. Another rumor has it that the surge in the Samsung’s Components demand in recent months, is also from data centers that rely on the technology to store everything that is being done online. Later this month Samsung will give its final report, which will prove or refute the rumors.

It is a known fact that Samsung in comparison to other companies sells more phones and TV. Other than phones and TV, there is a huge demand for their memory chips around the globe for the device makers. Soon the official reports will tell the truth.

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