Samsung's Graphene Batteries to Arrive for the Galaxy Note 10

A year back, Samsung had received a patent of Graphene Batteries that hold 45% more charge compared to lithium-ion ones. Now after a whole one year, an industry insider has revealed that Samsung’s graphene batteries are almost ready and will debut in Galaxy Note 10 next year.

Samsung’s Graphene Batteries Charges Phone in Just 12 Minutes

The graphene battery that can charge five times faster than other conventional batteries used nowadays. The new battery technology uses Graphene balls. Batteries with Graphene is not only considered to be more stable than others but also conduct electric charge faster.
The new battery technology 140 times faster than silicon. With the use of graphene balls, the battery will only take 12 minutes to fully charge the device. Current fastest batteries take at least half hour to charge.
When the production of Samsung’s graphene batteries will increase, the will become much cheaper than lithium-ion solutions and are also eco-friendly. The best feature of graphene batteries is that they will not explode so in short these were much needed for Samsung after their several devices have battery heat up issues.
Currently, we are not sure that when Samsung will roll out these batteries inside its smartphones. However, it is expected that Galaxy Note 10 will feature Samsung’s Graphene Batteries.
Samsung is not the first one to focus on shifting to graphene batteries. Huawei had Unveiled the World’s First long-lifespan Graphene-assisted Li-ion Battery before.

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