Sapphire Online Sale: Just a Marketing Stunt or a Failure of Technical team?

Sapphire, the most common clothing brand among Pakistanis. Everyone gets crazy about its sale especially women. After every season it introduces its in-store and online sale; this season was also no exception. It announced its sale from 28th June to 1st July 2018.

Most of the people prefer online sale because sapphire in-store sales always end up in a big mess. No one likes to stand in long queues and wait for their turn whole day. so,  People logged on to Sapphire’s website at 12:00 am on 28th June and after 3-4 mins everything was sold out. Is this a Marketing Stunt or a Failure of a Technical team?

How can this happen? Within in 3-4 minutes, everything was sold out even items in the cart were shown unavailable after check-out. This is not fair at all, although we know everyone likes to buy from sapphire because of its reasonable rates and good quality still this is not the way. Items in your cart are considered taken, how can they become sold-out?

Sapphire Online Sale – Yes or No?

People strongly reacted to it on Social Media and they don’t seem happy at all. Here are some screenshots.

It looks like Sapphire just wanted to create a hype and show that they are super popular by these crazy marketing stunts or it can be a failure from the technical team. we don’t exactly know but this is just not acceptable and Sapphire team should look into the matter as it can damage their customer base a lot.

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