Saudi Arabia Grants Citizenship to a Robot Named Sophia

With the bloom of technology, many powers of men are transferred to computers. There are many daily task now done by machines and computers which were previously done by humans. Many analysts predicted that soon machines will take over human being and will perform their task better then them. We have recently seen one such example where Saudi Arabia has bestowed citizenship on a robot named Sophia.

Saudi Arabia Grants Citizenship to a Robot Named Sophia

This is interesting to know that Saudi Arabia has made a non human a citizen. Saudi Arabia is the first ever country who has provided a robot with the rights to citizenship. Its not known why they took this step but its ironic that a country where women are not provided with basic rights, can provide a citizenship to a female look alike robot. They named this female look like robot as Sophia wearing abaya and has covered her head.

The Sophia said that:

“I am very honored and proud for this unique distinction. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship.”

The Sophia Robot was unveiled at Future Investment Initiative summit held in Riyadh. This robot is developed by Hanson Robotics who consider it as the most beautiful robot. However time will tell whether its true or just a Publicity stunt. Soon International law will speak for providing citizenship to AI powered robot.

Many Journalist noted that this is funny for a country to grant a robot citizenship, where immigrants are working from years and still not provided with same rights they have bestowed to a female robot Sophia.

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