Saudi Women Share the Stories of Abuse with Hashtag WhyIdidn’treportit

Women are usually made a prey to abuse and sexual harassment and they have to suffer all their lives. However gone are days when girls used to zip their lips, now people are more vocal to their issues and usually support a cause on Twitter under the new hashtag. Wome is KSA are deprived of their basic rights, but this time these women are taking to social media to share their experiences of abuse and sexual harassment using hashtag WhyIdidn’treportit. This is a rare topic that is ever discussed in Saudi Arabia.

Hashtag WhyIdidn’treportit Goes Viral in Saudi Arabia

Some men also joint this cause and shared their stories regarding the abuse they had to bear at homes or public but they did not report it fearing shame. Saudi Arabia is extremely gender dividend but the thing is slowly changing which can be witnessed with the end of the ban on women driving. Women now being more vocal on social media proves that the male patriarchy in KSA is going to end soon.

A woman while telling about the incident regarding sexual harassment said;

“My friends were punished when they reported [their abuse] and experienced more harm. “I chose silence,”

Saudia government also used the hashtag and urged women to report such cases to the government privately so that they can help such women. However, another woman while telling about it wrote:

“I reported it and the police came to convince me to drop the charges while my abuser sat with them,”

Saudi women are struggling for a long time. According to Human Rights Watch, these women cannot even access social services without the presence of male member of the family.

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