Scientists Examine the Probability of Wearable Devices in Detecting COVID-19 Signs

Wearable devices, typically used in exercise, are under the process of being studied to identify potential Covid-19 patients. Fitbit and other such devices are being examined to spot any symptoms and limit the spread of the disease.

The devices monitor the heart rate and respiratory rate regularly, and other biometrics would warn if there is the presence of the early stage of the virus are apparent. In this precautionary way, a healthy person may be able to self-isolate himself and get a Covid-19 diagnostic test.

Scientists Examine the Probability of Wearable Devices in Detecting COVID-19 Signs

The ongoing researches at Stanford are also amongst the groups that are working on the agenda. These groups want to spot early detection in case of Corona presence in the body by making use of the already owned Fitbit or Apple Watch.

Snyders team took 5000 people for their study and took 31 smartwatch users who had been tested positive with the virus. These individual’s watches had shown an indication of an infection before the symptoms began to appear. The watches gave the signal of infection in the body in an average of three days.

In one of the cases of study, the smartwatch was able to spot the first signal nine days before the symptoms were reported. Fitbit itself is carrying out its research of how successful are these devices in finding the presence of the Covid-19.

The device makers are also conducting research among the professional athletes who wear personalized fitness trackers like Whoop, a wristband, or even a ring. Promising studies by the Oura Health of the Oura ring have convinced for the purchases for the players.

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