Screen Time of Two Hours Lead to Poor Brain Development in Kids

Do you people let the youngest member of the home use cell phones? Does the child spend long hours talking on the phone or watching poems? Do you really think it’s harmless to give your mobile phone to your little one? If its a regular activity going on in your home you should think thrice before doing so as this is the main reason for Poor Brain Development in Kids nowadays.

What Leads to Poor Brain Development in Kids?

With each development in Science & Technology, there also comes some side effects and disadvantages of it too. Mobile phones, Tablets etc. are presently being used by almost all age group of people. Even the parents let their toddlers use these tech gadgets in order to make them busy in activities. This mini tool has a whole computer in itself. This pocket-sized technology is not only affecting adults but kids too.

Today things have changed due to “TECHNOLOGY”. Mud-games have been placed by tablets and cell phones; the world of technology is taking them away from real life adventures. Technology’s impact on the new generation is actually fracturing its basic foundations. Internet, TV, social media and mobile phones have influenced the young generation in many ways.

Is this the Last Generation of Kids that Played Outside

A research is carried out by Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, for the children between eight and 11. The researchers came to know that the children who had witnessed more screen time of phones had more worse cognitive skills across various functions. The researchers kept an eye on the daily habits of 4,500 children who were asked to carry out detailed cognition tests.

The drill had horrible results. Two hours a day of screen time were linked to worse processing speed, poor memory, bad language skills, and poor attention levels.

Cognition skills were best in those 20 kids who had 11 hours sleep, less than two hours of screen time and an hour exercise daily. These 20 children performed 5% better in tests than other children. This research is an alarm for those parents whose children have access to mobile phones and tablets as it resluts in Poor Brain Development in Kids. This research was carried for children of age more than eight years so a question arises how the brains of those 2 to 3 years kids will develop who always has tablets and mobiles in their hands.

Final Verdict:

In such a situation, it is important to come together as parents and teachers to help society “wake up” and understand the overwhelming effects technology is having on the new generation. These mainly include physical, psychological effects and even the social in the ability to sustain family relationships and behaviours. Time and tide wait for none and neither does technology, these advancements will never stop and no one can argue about the benefits of advanced technology in today’s world. But to help and guide the new generation for its correct and beneficial use is also very important.

Meanwhile, many social media platforms are also trying to cut down kids time on screens by incorporating different means. Click Here to know more about it.

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