A complete Guide For Selecting the Secure Phones for Business

With the technology evolution, smartphones have become one of our basic need to communicate with friends, family and coworkers. Apart from communication, these smartphones allow us to play 3D games, video chat with colleagues and navigate around the world without ever stopping to ask for directions. So, if you want to use your phone for business purposes, you should choose such smartphone which is fully secured. As now different companies have launched different smartphones. it becomes difficult to choose the secure phone for business. Therefore, we come up with a complete Guide For Selecting the Secure Phones for Business.

Key points You Should Keep in Mind while Buying the Secure Phones for Business

Here are the following important key points that you should keep in mind while selecting the best secure phone.


The first thing you should choose is the operating system.  Whether you want iOS operating system or Android one. Both have their own pros and cons. All the iPhones are powered by iOS. Many latest apps and updates first appear on iOS. However, there is a wide variety of Android phones. As compared to iOS, Android phones are available at low price. So if you want to buy secure phones for business with larger screen and stronger battery life at an affordable price, you should choose Android Smartphone.

Check the Specifications:

If you are going to buy a secure phones for business, your main focus should be on the following specifications:

Choose the Size:

Some people like small screen phones, some prefer large screen ones. But usually there are three sizes available for mobile screen.

  • Compact (4-4.6 inches): like iPhone SE, Sony Xperia Z5, but these devices do not have much memory capacity.
  • Mid Size (4.7-5.2 inches): like iPhone 6s, iPhone7 and Galaxy S7 are devices to choose.
  • Phablet (5.3-6 inches): like iPhone 7 plus and Galaxy S7 Edge, LG V20. These devices are good for screen intensive tasks.

For business purposes, you should choose the bigger screen smartphones like Phablet.

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For fast performance and multitasking, your phone should have the latest processor. Google Pixel and Pixel XL have the latest Snapdragon processor 821. Similarly Samsung Galaxy S7, BlackBerry DTEK60 and LG V20 have the Snapdragon 820. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has the latest iOS 10.1 processor and Huawei Mate 9 has latest Kirin 960 processor. All these devices have latest processor with 4GB RAM other than iPhone 7 which has 2GB RAM.


The other main key feature of any smartphone is its storage capacity. For a normal user, 16 GB ROM is enough but for a business man, the phone should have at least 32GB ROM. The storage capacity is expandable by using a MicroSD Card. Now a days companies build the smartphones with versions. These versions have the difference of screen size and storage capacity.

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Battery Life:

If you are using your phone for business purposes, your phone should have the long lasting battery. Choose a phone which has at least 3000 mAh or higher rated battery. Ideally, your phone battery should last at least for 8 hours. Also your phone should have the fast charging technology. Like Huawei Mate 9 and LG V20 have the fast charging technology.

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Fingerprint Scanner:

Your phone security should be your main concern. Choose the smartphone which has the fingerprint scanner to secure your phone with your fingerprint. So that no one other can unlock your phone.


By keeping in mind all the features discussed above, it is better to choose an android smartphone. Your phone should have the latest processor with a screen size ranging from 5-6 inches. Minimum storage capacity should be 32GB with support of MicroSD card. Most importantly, your battery life should have more than 8 hours with fast charging technology. Keeping the security your main concern, your phone should have fingerprint scanner.

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  • You have excluded Windows Phones in this category. You should know that all office and business apps are from Microsoft and Windows Phone is the only phone which is 100% compatible with Windows Laptop and Desktop which 99.9% offices all over the world uses. Nothing can match experience of Outlook and Cortana on Windows Phone. I have personally used Windows Phone (1320 & 1520) for 2.5 years and I must say that after switching to Android LGG4 I am repenting every day. Texting and emailing on Android sucks. There is no concept of personal assistant in Android as Windows does. Every appointment set on Windows Phone is automatically sync with your laptop / desktop. You can text message sms through your desktop/laptop without connecting your phone. You can use WP as your desktop system by using dock station. Its like a computer in your pocket. Whats more business than this?

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