Senate Panel Calls Regulation of IT Firms on Axact Scam

Axact, a Pakistani software company, has already been a hot topic for giving fake academic degrees and diplomas. But now Senate Panel Calls Regulation of IT Firms on Axact Scam. The main purpose of this task is to collect tax from them after all these issues.

After an extensive debate, Senate Panel Calls Regulation of IT Firms on Axact Scam

The Senate Committee has purposed a method for this. That is to create a Regulatory party to keep a check on IT firms and collect taxes from them in time. The chairperson of Shahi Syed presented a report to the committee on Wednesday regarding this issue. The issue was handed over to the Senate after it had been raised by Aitzaz Ahsan back in May on the issue of selling fake degrees.

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The committee supervised by the chairperson Shahi Syed considered the issue on 18th June. A list of Senators who attented the event along with IT Minister Anusha Rehman were:

  1. Azmat Ali Ranjha (Secretary IT )
  2. Dr Ghulam Raza Bhatti ( Chairman Higher Education Commission )
  3. Akbar Hoti (Director General FIA )
  4. Syed Ismail Shah (Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority)
  5. Tahir Mehmood (Chairman SECP)
  6. Abdul Rehman Qureshi (Advisor SECP)
  7. Viqar Rashid Khan (Chairman NTC)
  8. Muhammad Azam Warraich

The issue was discussed in detail and every one in the meeting presented their point of views on the issue. After a long debate two key points were extracted as results, which were:

  • Government should take into account the recommendation of forming a regulatory body for these IT firms in country.
  • This regulatory body must give attention to collection of tax from these firms.

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