Sharing is Now Profit Sharing with Cheezmall Dosti Coupon

We have seen a usual trend of sharing some useful information and news with our friends at ultiple platforms, mostly on Facebook Timeline. But first time in the history of sharing, a consumer would get a benefit. Cheezmall has recently launched a “Dosti coupon”. According to it if a person get registered to cheezmall he would get an invitation code. When same consumer share this code to his friends and while registering if a consumer enters his friend’s invitation code, both would get Rs 10 each.

Sharing is Now Profit Sharing with Cheezmall Dosti Coupon

There is no limit for it uptill now. Those who are having good PR are earning tremendously. Even last day, one of the representative from cheezmall told that one customer invited 1000 friends and got Rs 10,000 free.

So for just one registration referring, consumer can earn it Rs 10 which is highly beneficial for customers and specially for those who are doing window shopping up till now due to less budget.

For more details please visit: Cheezmall

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