SheSkills Starts Tech Camps to Empower Women in Pakistan

A research was conducted in 2012 by Pakistan’s software houses association. It estimated that only 14 percent of women made to technology industry in Pakistan which has more than 182 million population. Very less number of women are seen in senior management posts. SheSkills Starts Tech Camps to Empower Women in Pakistan.

This program is developed in collaboration with Ladies Learning Codes and Women Techmakers. It is open to women from all ages and background who want to enhance their digital skills.

In a country like Pakistan, where women empower men in terms of population, women should have necessary participation in technology industry. But Alas! women who want to boost their digital skills have to face certain difficulties in country. Boot-camps that teach things like coding, product design and digital marketing etc are in very less number for women individually.

SheSkills Starts Tech Camps to Empower Women in Pakistan

This situation gets worse when women are not allowed to attend co-education classes. Some times institutes are far away fro homes. Now a days online classes are also famous but people prefer a classroom environment to stay on course. Saad Hamid is the driving force behind this fabulous idea. He is an influencer in Pakistan’s tech industry and self made digital revivalist.

Saad Hamid said:

The concept of SheSkills came during a recent storytelling workshop which we conducted exclusively for women, At the end of it we were overwhelmed with requests from girls who wanted to learn skills like coding, digital marketing, and design.

According to Saad the main reason they are working hard on this initiative is to get most of the women into technology. It will not only enhance diversity but will also help in obtaining better results. Its will also help women to pursue freelance work and entrepreneurial skills.

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