Shocking: Anyone can find you with Facebook 2FA Phone Number

From some years, Facebook is on fire due to security concerns. However, there is a new development to it which is quite shocking. Just recently users have come to know that their personal phone numbers that Facebook had gathered to provide them with safety with two-factor authentication are used by people to access them. In easy words, anyone can access you with your phone number-Thanks to Facebook 2FA Phone Number.

Even if some users have changed the privacy settings to “friends” or “friends of friends”, still the company’s default settings allow everyone using the internet to find people with their phone number. The worst thing is that you cannot even opt out of it. In short, users cannot completely hide their phone number which is very rude of Facebook.

Don’t give out your phone number for Facebook 2FA, use an app instead

This shocking news was revealed by TechCrunch in a report, where they revealed that anyone can look up to your personal information when uploads your contact information to the app from their mobile phone.

From years, Facebook lied to its users that adding a phone number to 2FA is only for security and nothing else.

Recently, Facebook has disclosed a widespread security flaw that has affected many Facebook accounts. The security breach allowed hackers or other malicious third parties to access an affected user’s account by extracting their security token. According to the reports, the flaw has affected as many as 50 million people. Moreover, around 90 million users now have to log back into their accounts to be safe.

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