Social Awareness: Side Effects of Mobile Phone and Wireless Radiations

With each development in Science & Technology, there also comes some side effects and disadvantages of it too. Mobile phones, Tablets etc. are presently being used by almost all age group of people. Even the parents let their toddlers use these tech gadgets in order to make them busy in activities. This blog encircles around Social Awareness: Side Effects of Mobile Phone and Wireless Radiations.

i-Pads and other devices are called Tablets because they belong to tables. They are tested 20 cms away from the engineer working upon them. They must not approved to be held in little laps of children due to its toxic effects for health.

Now a days millions of children even use them in schools which is similar to giving children a two way microwave device that causes severe harm.

Social Awareness: Side Effects of Mobile Phone and Wireless Radiations

If its compulsory to give children such devices for learning purposes, it should be given after putting it on airplane mode so that it shouldn’t be sending and receiving signals which it does other wise.

Now a days almost seven billion mobile phones are in use. All of them are tested on 20 years old standards. These standards are based on the amount of radiation absorbed by a 220 lb (99.8 kg) male who only talks on his phone for a six minute period. That doesn’t represent the exposure that most people, especially young children, would be receiving.

Mobile phone radiation is highly injurious for membranes of the cell and 3G mobile phone radiation is more toxic than radiation from 2G phones. Computer modelling shows that mobile phone radiation penetrates almost all the way through the head of a three-year-old. It is much further than it does in an adult’s head, and it’s absorbed by the foetus.

How to Minimize Mobile Phone Exposure?

  • Avoid carrying mobile on your body(e.g. in pocket or bra)
  • Use your cell phone on loud speaker or with an air tube headset
  • Put your phone on “airplane mode” when not in use
  • Avoid using cell phones in cars, elevators and trains
  • Keep mobile phones away from you when you are asleep

The problem for the average person is their exposure to wireless radiation which is increasing slowly but steadily over period. People should realize that its not normal when the home, specifically bedroom, where the body is meant to rest and regenerate, is protected against the invasion of wireless radiation from outside as well as from internal wiring.

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