Signal Starts Mimicking WhatsApp

Signal has started mimicking WhatsApp by developing a range of new features that we have already seen on WhatsApp. The users around the globe have started to notice these new features right after when the instant messaging app-Signal welcomed a huge number of new users.

Signal received a lot of popularity among the masses in the wake of a privacy policy update by WhatsApp. One of the changes that users have observed in the Signal app is that it has copied WhatsApp’s chat wallpapers. Signal has also added an ‘About’ option which looks similar the WhatsApp.

Signal Starts Mimicking WhatsApp

The new chat wallpaper feature of Signal 5.3.1 beta for Android can be accessed by visiting Settings > Appearance > Chat wallpaper. There, users will be able to see 21 pre-set wallpapers to choose from. Moreover, users will also be able add their own images as chat wallpapers on the app. Other than that, users can also see an option where they can set a dark theme to dim the chat wallpaper. WhatsApp already has chat wallpapers while in December, it also added custom wallpapers for chats.

The latest Signal beta has also the ‘About’ option, that is allowing users to share their status with their contacts. Users can access this new feature in the Profile option in the settings menu of the Signal app. This new ‘About’ option looks similar to the ‘About’ option of WhatsApp.

In the latest update, Signal has also introduced the support for animated stickers, with a “Day by Day” as the first official animated sticker pack. The Signal desktop app is now also allowing users to create new animated stickers which they can share directly with their friends.

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