“Simplify” Allows You to Use Someone Else’s Internet Data

Whenever we are travelling the major problem we face is that of WiFi or internet connectivity. The search for a fast, low-priced WiFi hot-spot starts the moment a person lands at a foreign airport. It’s important as people need to check out all the missed messages and important meetings details. Or we may need it for locating the place we want to visit via Google Maps. Even Uber can’t be used without mobile internet, so the faster we lock down that subtle WiFi signal, the better.

We can always buy a SIM card, but who likes marching into a telco shop, viewing data plans and ending up exchanging cards. All of this takes a lot of time. Usually we would avoid such trouble.

“Simplify” Allows You to Use Someone Else’s Internet Data

Now all this won’t be a problem thanks to Simplify. Yen Pei Tay, a Malaysian entrepreneur developed Simplify to ease concerns about finding steadfast internet. The entrepreneur spent 13 years working in the telecommunications industry – covering roles across Motorola, Nokia, and IBM – before leaving to hearth his own fortune.

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How Simplify Works:

All you need to do is to turn on your mobile hotspot, set a price and start selling like any wireless carrier. Purchasers looking for the internet can find offered listings nearby and pick the plan which appeals to them. There’s no deal or withdrawal fees involved. 

As soon as users decide a plan via Simplify’s app, all they have to do is just confirm it. There’s no need to type extra passwords. The app will take care of it.

Yen Pei clarifies that you’re only charged for how much MBs you use. So, for instance, if you buy one gigabyte for US$5 but consume only 10 MB, the subsequent payment will be five cents. The team takes a 25% profit.

“I started Simplify because when I look at the telco world today, it is monopolized by the telcos. If we want to open up the internet and make it affordable for everyone, something has to change.”

Yen Pei revealed.

“We came up with Simplify to simplify the connection to Wifi by seamlessly connecting without asking or keying in any password.”

The notion behind Simplify was abstracted a few years ago. But the team originally worked on selling directly to corporates. Though, the long wait for agreements, Yen Pei articulates they had to wait up to 18 months for deals to be contracted.

A hinge to a consumer-facing model came previous year. After that Yen Pei was called to be part of the global entrepreneurship bootcamp at MIT. After the feedback from early adopters and financiers, the team decided to help people resell mobile internet.

There’s an open incentive of US$5,000 for anyone who can hack the app. The app already has more than 50,000 downloads. Malaysia is the most prevalent destination, followed by the US and Italy. It’s rising gradually in places like Singapore as well. As several tour directors offer it as an additional facility to their clients.

At present the app is only offered to Android users. Apple has strict developer rules so the team is looking for an alternate. It’s anticipated that an iOS version will be presented by the first half of 2017.

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