Sindh Govt. Announces Careem & Uber Ban for not Registering Their Businesses

With the rising popularity of Uber and Careem, both ride-hailing companies were getting famous with many people booking them by using Apps to reach their respective destinations. The government of Sindh has decided to ban Ride haling services Uber and Careem. This is not the first time we are hearing this kind of news as previously Punjab had the same recommendations for both services. The reason of Careem & Uber ban is according to the Sindh Government is that both services are not operating under the proper tax net. The ban applies to the city of Karachi and the rest of Sindh Province.
Transport Minister of Sindh Awais Shah during a meeting of the province’s transportation department revealed to ban Careem & Uber. He also revealed that they are preparing to write a letter to both App booking services ordering them to cease operation in Karachi and the rest of the province.

People are not Happy about the Careem & Uber Ban

Basically, after such companies are launched, the government can treat them in two basic ways. They can either treat them as a taxi service or such services can be regulated by the government. In order to run a private taxi, the vehicle must be made commercial and owners of the vehicles must obtain a fitness certificate. If Careem and Uber will fulfil these demands, maybe the govt. will put off the ban.
These multinational car-hailing services are brought to Pakistan with great efforts and negotiations are in the process right from the beginning.

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As Pakistan does not have any proper transportation structure, such companies are warmly welcomed. Such services don’t just provide ease to people but also create several employment opportunities.
Though the people were not happy with this decision of Govt.

This decision will have an adverse effect on citizens of Sindh as now they are used to such ride-hailing services providing ease to them. Hundreds of people are to lose jobs if Sindh Govt, will totally cease these services.
Referring to the ban of Ride Hailing Services, Uber Spokesperson said that:

Sindh Government has been supportive of disruptive technologies in recent years and we appreciate the role they have played in providing masses a more convenient and affordable mode of transport along with creating numerous economic opportunities. We are looking forward to working with the Sindh Government to address their concerns.”


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