Sindh High Court Lifts Ban from TikTok After Assurance of Compliance

Today, the Sindh High Court lifted the ban on TikTok after the telecom regulator provided a guarantee to the high court of issuing a ruling on the petitioner’s request by Monday. A few days ago, TikTok was banned the third time in a year because of immoral and obscene content.

Sindh High Court Lifts Ban from TikTok After Assurance of Compliance

However, yesterday, TikTok provided the guarantee regarding the growth of its local-language moderation capacity, diligence to take stringent actions on content in violation of community guidelines. In addition to that, it assured cooperation with regulators, after which the Sindh High Court revoked the ban today.

According to the social media platform,

The creativity and passion of its community had “brought joy to households across Pakistan and provided a home for incredibly talented creators. We have grown our local-language moderation capacity for Pakistan, and work diligently to review and take action on content in violation of our community guidelines. We continue to work with regulators and look forward to serving the millions of TikTok users and creators in Pakistan who have found a home for creativity, fun, and vital economic opportunities.

On Wednesday, according to the transparency report, TikTok had removed more than six million videos from the application in Pakistan in a three months period.  As per the report, “In the Pakistani market, TikTok removed 6,495,992 videos making it the second market to get the most videos removed after the USA, where 8,540,088 videos were removed.”

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