Skype Enjoys 70 Percent Increase in User Base Following Self Isolation due to COVID19

Almost everyone is staying at home these days due to coronavirus fright. Schools, universities, markets, malls are closed whereas offices have granted work from home to their employees. Due to this, we have seen an increased number of users on the internet resulting in growing user base on social media apps be it WhatsApp, Facebook, or Youtube. We have got the most exciting figures from Microsoft Skype which has witnessed 70 percent increase in users this month resulting in 40 million people using the platform presently due to Covid19.

This is clearly due to the fact that most of the individuals are staying at home due to coronavirus outbreak. Probably most of the people would be using it for the official meeting whereas others would be using it to feel close to their friends and family members who are far away.

Microsoft Says Skype Users Surge 70 Percent in a Month to 40 Million Amid COVID19

Skype to Skype calling minutes have jumped to 220 percent as compared to the previous month. While releasing these figures in a blog post, Microsoft announced that it is rebranding its productivity suite Office 365 to Microsoft 365 from April 21. It will have more exciting features including family safety apps.

Besides this, the company has also added new features in Microsoft Teams and almost 44 million people are using it every day as remote workplaces are very essential these days.

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