Skype for Web once Again Supports all Browsers

When the video conferencing trend kicked up last year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was no surprise that Microsoft had to work according to it. Two years after launching its new Web app, Microsoft has finally made Skype work on all browsers. Microsoft released a new version of Skype for the Web in 2019 only supported Edge, Chrome and Opera, and did not support Safari or Firefox. Microsoft eventually delivered support for Safari a year later. Now, the company confirmed support for all browsers, including Firefox, for their web app.

Granted, there is a Skype desktop app anyway, so a Web browser experience might sound redundant. Not everyone, however, might want to install a separate app just for the occasional call, and not everyone might be keen on using Microsoft’s blessed browser. Depending on which browser you do prefer, however, you might have felt snubbed by Microsoft.

Skype for Web once Again Supports all Browsers

Switching Microsoft Edge from its homegrown edgeHTML engine to Chromium did mean that similar browsers like Chrome and Opera were able to support the new Skye for Web experience. Safari users on Macs, however, waited until May this year to be able to use Skype in their browser of choice.

Now it’s the turn of Firefox users to get equal treatment. However, there is still a warning that not all features might be available, but that might not actually be the case. This compatibility with Firefox will be available on Skype 8.78, which is currently still in preview for Insiders. There’s no word yet on when it will roll out to the public.

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Anyhow, Micorosft has released a number of new features and improvements in the latest update.

  • New Call Stage additions: To modernize the call stage, Microsoft has added the ability to hide call participants at the top as a way to enlarge the call stage. You can also pin call participants that you would like to see on the stage and then view both the presenter and yourself at the top tray, while in Content view (presentation mode). Improvements have also been made to the avatars of the call participants on the top tray.
  • Bing background improvements: Improvements to your experience when you set a daily bing background image that refreshes daily, while on a video call
  • Video background fixes: Even after a call ends and you restart another, you are able to maintain the earlier set video call background
  • Office Lens integration improvements: when using the Office Lens camera to create, edit and review photos and videos which you can share on Skype, on iOS.

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Source: SlashGear

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