Slardar Hero Build- Dota 2

Hero Guide, Tips And Tricks

Slardar is the very first mele hero I am going to teach you. When you get tough enemies Slardar should be your only choice as this guy is not only tough but its presence makes everyone else chicken out!

Stay tuned to know, Sladar build, Slardar Tree Upgrade, Slardar Ability Upgrade and tips and tricks for how to play Slardar!

Slardar Hero Build

Slardar is a mele, tank hero. WHich means that it needs to feed and farm a lot. If you dont feed in the start you wont be able to go anywhere with sladar. Plus, you should decide and be able to make relevant items according to your opponents.

If your enemy heroes cause magical damage then go for items like i.e: Black king bar, linken, blade mail etc.
And if your enemy heroes are more damaging then make Heart of Tarasque, Assault Crussaide etc.

Attack and speed items are consistent no matter what the situation is for Slardar.

Below is my build for Slardar, for Dota 2 Turbo. And Slardar does not mostly go mid lane but if you want to you still can with this build you will just have to replace Shadow Blade with Blink Dagger.

Slardar Hero Build- Dota 2

Slardar Talent Tree Upgrade

This is the best Slardar Talent tree upgrade and it needs no changes. No matter what situation you are in it will surely work.

Slardar Hero Build- Dota 2

Slardar Ability Upgrade

Each level up comes with an option to upgrade one of your hero’s ability. So here is the best-suited upgrade pattern to follow for Slardar.

Level 1 > 2

Level 2> 3

Level 3> 1

Level 4 & 5> 3

Level 6> 4

Level 7> 3

Level 8 to 11> Toggle between 1, 2 and 3, opt for the tree whenever available 10 onwards.

Level 12 to 25> Keep ‘4’ as your priority, then the tree and then the remaining abilities as per the situation.

Tips And Tricks For Slardar

  • Know that Slardar a strength hero. You need not hide and attack rather, jump in fight one on one!
  • Farm! farm in lane and offlane, know that you are needed around the map so roam around and help your teammates whenever possible it will help you get feed faster.
  • Stay close to your enemies and keep on taunting them. Ranged heroes will be afraid of you once you learn this trick.
  • In a team fight, jump in, put your ulti on everyone one by one to reduce their armor and help your team win a team fight and attack.
  • Use your ulti on enemy heroes that have a tendency to disappear like Riki, Bounty Hunter and Slark even if you are not into fighting, it will at least give you enemy vision.
  • When running away from enemies, try to get into the water. You are a fish, come on have some common sense, you swim in the water way faster.
  • As soon as possible consume Aghanim’s Scepter, it gives you your very own private puddle every time you use your second ability and helps you move faster.
  • Speed is everything to Slardar, because on every 4th attack it stuns the target. Consume 1 Moon Shard and Keep one in your items if possible.
  • Use your first ability and then switch on shadow blade for maximum speed and invisibility and then go get those enemies of yours. I am not a huge fan of blink dagger it gets you killed sometimes.

This was all for Slardar. Hope it helps you play like a pro. Do share your experience using this build. Will be coming up with other Hero Builds.

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