35 Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan – Low Investment!

Low Investment Business/Investment opportunities in Pakistan (Guide)

As Pakistan is at a lower edge these days in regards to employment thus most of our youth tend to move towards entrepreneurship. So here are 35 Low Investment, Small Business Ideas To Go For In Pakistan which may prove to be the most profitable businesses in the long run!

35 Low Investment, Small Business Ideas in Pakistan 2020

1. Content Writing – Zero Investment Business Idea

All you need for it is a laptop along with internet access or simply a pen and paper. Couple with your skill in writing! It is a Zero Investment business. It may be adopted as a Part-Time or full-time job.

The progress is gradual in this kind of business but proves to be profitable in the long run! Pakistani women have been taking up this kind of businesses seriously lately as they can support their family from the comfort of their home in this way.

2. Editing And Proof Reading – Innovative Business Idea

It is a simpler job than content writing as it involves no self-innovation but rechecking of what has already been written. So if you are a good reader and have strong command over language then you should go for this Zero Investment business.

3. Ghost Writing – Small Business Ideas

It is the same as content writing but the name of the writer does not appear. The writing is published or used by the name of the employer. It can be viewed as a small business idea for students who need a part-time job to support themselves.

4. Blogging – Best Online Business in Pakistan

Blogging has been trending lately. And it has proved to be a very profitable, low investment business in Pakistan. Whether it be a beauty blog or a fashion blog, health blog or technology blog it always attracts corresponding companies and firms to benefit from.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing is working on a contract basis for a variety of companies, as opposed to working as an employee for a single company. Freelancers are often considered to be self-employed and have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies they would like to be associated with.

It has proved to be the Most Profitable Small Investment Business In Pakistan Lately. Specially help in Women Empowerment and employment.

6. Social Media/ Online Marketing:

At 6th in our list of small business ideas in Paisktan, we kept the Online Marketing which truly is booming currently. Else than the basic accessories i.e: Laptop or Mobile Phone and Internet connection this type of zero investment business does not even require a lot of skill. You should just know the basic use of Social Media and has to promote or advertise any small or large business over it.

7. Photography:

Of the increasing trend of photography, now it is not only confined to weddings. People tend to go for a formal photographer on childbirth or a family get-together. A one-time around 1-lac rupees investment in a DSLR Camera will surely result in profitable outcomes. Photography is an innovative business idea to opt for in Pakistan. Whether it be Wedding or event photography or modelling it will be fruitful if you have the skill to do it.

Free and paid photography courses are available throughout Pakistan and also online to get trained for becoming a professional.

8. Home-Based Cooking:

With the increasing awareness of healthy eating among the Pakistanis, home-made food is always preferred. Thus such a small business with a low investment of preparing home-made food and making it available to those who are away from home can prove to be a very highly profitable business idea to go on within Pakistan.

Lahore, for instance, is where people from all over the nation tend to come for various purposes. So, a small business in Lahore of a Home-Based Cooking setup will be a highly profitable business idea.

9. Makeup Artist:

Investment in makeup today is one that will pay off for sure. As makeup is considered to be the most essential element of the lives of Pakistani women.

Though it may come under the category of 1 lac rupees investment business in Pakistan. As not only the high end, good quality makeup products are costly but learning the skill professionally is very essential and requires time, dedication and investment.

But not in vain, Makeup Artists today are making a great fortune even from their homes and have gained popularity and access to commercial platforms after self-teaching and blogging!

10. Art And Craft:

With all the hype of Bridal Shower, Baby Shower and a couple more of such additions in our customs. Props, backdrops and customized items have gained popularity.

Now is the right time to invest in such a small-scale, low-investment business in Pakistan. All you need is innovative business ideas and the skill of your hand!

11. Mehandi Artist:

Mehandi Business in Pakistan
I wanted to show off my Mehandi Skills after all!

Wedding, Eid or any other traditional special occasion, Mehandi is something we never want to miss as a Pakistani! Why not avail this small investment opportunity in Pakistan then? Mostly Mehandi Artists are self-taught and do not require some special professional training.

It can be classified as a No Investment Business in Pakistan. Which proves to be a very profitable one.

12. Customized Shirts And Mugs:

In an era of self-obsession and provoked sentiments, customized items have become a trend. Cash these emotions by availing this innovative business idea for Pakistan and earn great profits out of it. You can start this business under 1 lac in Pakistan.

13. Online Book Publishing:

Traditional book publishing was confined to a place or a region but now if you are capable enough then this No Investment business in Pakistan will earn you great fortune. As you can write books online and publish them online for the Global Village to access them and you can cash profits out of it!

14. Wedding Planners:

Pakistani weddings can prove to be a lot of burdens. Due to the over-extended events and extravagance. Why not become an adding factor to it yet reducing the burden at the same time?

Start your business without any investment in Pakistan by availing this innovative and most profitable business idea of 2020. All you have to do is plan out other weddings for them!

15. Travel Agency:

If not anywhere, then Pakistanis are surely going to their religious centres i.e: Saudia Arabia And Iran etc. Seems a little unrighteous but why not cash from this profitable business opportunity in Pakistan?

It may come under the category of 5 lac rupees investment in Pakistan but will prove to be the best business of 2020 to invest in, in Pakistan.

16. Tourism Agency:

With Pakistan opening its new doors towards tourism. This small investment, profitable business may prove to be the best of 2020 as Pak-China Corridor will increase the ratio of tourism tremendously and the tourists will surely require guides to accompany them due to the language barrier. Thus it is the right time to invest in this kind of small investment business in Pakistan.

17. Mobile And Accessories:

Sadly one may skip a meal to afford a Mobile Phone today is not fiction nowadays. Thus almost every citizen of Pakistan irrespective of the class they belong to own a mobile phone. And the age limit for which is also dropping day by day. Investing in a Mobile Phone Business today can prove to be the best business in Pakistan for 2020. Although it may come under the category of approximately 5 lac rupees investment business in Pakistan, it will surely pay off.

18. Personal Training:

If you have a skill in something or a professional at doing something. Cash it! Be a personal Gym Trainer, Dietitian, Chief, Karate Master, anything you find yourself expert at and can train someone personally for it. It sure is a No Investment business in Pakistan.

19. Driving Centre:

With a decreasing trend of dependency in Pakistan. Driving a vehicle themselves is something that every person now needs rather than relying on some other factor to travel. Thus investing in a driving centre will prove to be profitable. All you need is to own a car with insurance and skill to drive!

20. Home Tutoring:

Pakistan still follows a trend of traditional education modes. Due to which demand for after-school tutors and home tutors is high. It is a profitable and no investment business for Pakistan. As it requires mandatory education and teaching skills.

21. Academy:

It is around 1 lac rupees investment business to go for in Pakistan but can be said to be the most profitable business of 2020 and for several years. As academy culture of Pakistan is at its peak. Whether it be Matric, FA/Fsc, O Levels, A-Levels, MCAT, SAT, CSS or any other academic field students in Pakistan mainly rely on academies. So it is a golden opportunity to cash!

22. Agricultural Business:

It is a very profitable and vast field to invest in thus, provides a wide range of investment opportunities in Pakistan. Either you can start a business of crop distribution, cultivation, packing etc. Each can prove to be equally profitable.

A business plan for beginners can be that they may begin with a small investment setup and then expand it gradually from the profit generated over time.

23. Renting:

If u have a spare house or a floor or even a room why not consider renting it out? Having a property in commercial areas may prove to be highly profitable. As a profitable business in Lahore and Karachi can be to rent off buildings for commercial use and sit back, relax and make money!

A successful business plan for beginners is to re-invest the rent received into purchasing a new property and renting it out again. For an expanded and much more profitable business.

24. Property Dealing:

It can be said to be the Best Low Investment Business in Pakistan for 2019. Property dealing is an art of creating links and communicating. All you need to do is create a link between the buyer and the seller with cashing in fair commissions for yourself. Thus proves to be an almost no investment business idea in Pakistan.

25. Home-Based Gym:

The community you live in requires certain facilities not always available in Pakistan in a suitable form. For example, gather a group of ladies in your neighbourhood and invest in making a gym in a spare room of your house. The females of Pakistan tend not to trust unknown places thus they will be pleased to go to such a place which they know and trust and you can earn out of it. It may cost you an investment of around 1 lac rupees to purchase all the modern machinery but will prove to be a profitable source of earning in Pakistan.

26. Renting Vehicles To Careem And Uber:

This low-investment, side-business will help you generate moderate profits without investing your time in it. All you need is own a vehicle or multiple vehicles; rickshaw, motorbike or cars and lend them to drivers working for Uber and Careem. And you can have your share from it.

27. Second-hand Mobile Sale-Purchase:

Sale-purchase of second-hand mobile phones is a very demanding and risky business due to DIRBS and other illegal activities happening in it one needs to be extra careful in purchasing mobile phones. It is important to firstly have a complete record of the seller, including a copy of their CNIC and contact information, secondly, telly the phone’s IMEI with PTA, to confirm that it is registered by dialling *8484# and then entering the IMEI of one or two sim slots of the mobile phone.

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28. YouTubing:

YouTube has developed into a platform to earn a handsome around. All you need is a unique idea or skills to share with the world, a proper set-up and video making and editing skills. You may require a proper set of teams to evolve your YouTubing to a proper business set-up and earn.

29. Poultry Farming:

Food businesses, irrespective of type and scale, always work in Pakistan. Food businesses prove to be the best investment opportunities in Pakistan. It can be a backyard poultry farm to deal in eggs and chicken or can be a fully established hen poultry farm. The demand for poultry is always high in the Pakistani market.

30. Fish Farming:

Fish farming can also prove to be a highly profitable business in Pakistan. Popular, seasonal fish breeds like Rahu, trout, tuna, Baam, are not only high-in-demand but also are sold at very high prices and thus help generate huge profits. Moreover, finger-fish, shrimps, prawns and other such fish varieties are in-demand for the whole year.

31. Pet Export

Not a very favourable business idea right now due to the coronavirus prevailing but otherwise pet export is a very vast and profitable business to go with. It can be started at a very small-scale and then expanded gradually. Pet export can be of birds, parrots, dogs, cats etc. As the trend of pets in Pakistan is at a very initial stage so take it easy, go with the flow.

For example if you buy a pair of german shepherds (puppies) it will cost you about 15,000-25,000 each. It will then take 5-6 months for them to fully grow and be able to reproduce after which you will get 7-8 puppies from breeding once. I will leave the maths to you now 😉

32. Gaming Arena

How often have I mentioned the increasing gaming trend in Pakistan in my blogs?- VERY OFTEN! Gaming arenas are something Pakistan literally lacks and is in dire need of. The video game from our childhood got replaced by computer games but the video game centres seized to exist at all. A classy, online gaming arena can prove to be a very profitable business idea for 2020 in Pakistan and may add a token to the entertainment slot which Pakistan lacks a lot.

33. Customer Care Services

When I talk about customer care services I have a very broad perspective in mind. To elaborate it as precisely as possible, foreign embassies, companies, corporates tend to set-up their call centres or customer care centres in other countries due to the low cost they have to offer. Pakistan is one such country. If you ought to establish a foreign-based customer care service centre in Pakistan it will cost you very less but will prove to be very profitable indeed.

34. Instagram/TikTok Influencer

Is there anything in the world left that doesn’t involve social media popularity in it? Well if you have got the looks and style or you have something worth admiring in you. You can become an Instagram or TikTok influencer. By only displaying you skills on these platforms you will be able to receive PR packages from different high-end companies, you may get a chance to model for them or simply get paid to upload a sponsored post by them! isn’t that easy?

35. Event Planners

You do know how everything now demands a celebration in Pakistan. Don’t get me started on criticising this increasing trend but whatever it is as a business mindset you have got to avail all the possible opportunities. So, whether it be bridal showers, baby showers, birthday, haqeeq ceremony, eid-millan party, or any such celebration if you opt to be an event planner company you will be much needed after time to time. It includes all from the decoration to the food and photographer and the entertainments and stuff. As much as you expand this business you will increase your potential profit!


If you plan to start your own business but you lack large sums of investment, you still can. All of the small business ideas mentioned above need time, dedication and hard work in the beginning to succeed.

We hope you liked the article, also please do share it as we spent hours to research and craft this guide for you.

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  • i find it as a very good write up. I am a serving finance personnel at a private well known company but i still am looking for a business to do for my own interests , hufff but so far i am out of ideas, out of sorts.
    there are a couple of points which are considerable.


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  • what about those how are good at business writing about but very smart in English. can they become blogger.

      • Sorry about that. What I am trying to is that some people may have good education, experience and skills but what if they not good in English. How they can become content writer……

      • Sorry about that. What I am trying to say is that some people may have good education, experience and skills but what if they not good in English. How they can become content writer……

      • If they are to become a content writer in English they will have to learn the basic English language which should be at least understandable with no grammatical mistakes. If you just need some additional help with the language you can have a software ‘Grammarly’ downloaded to your desktop in order to spell-check and sometimes check grammar as well for you.

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  • i want to start poultry business in a village in punjab.i have investment of 25 lac .i have some concerns about it that its avery risky business but i want to do it.its my passion.can u plz give me some useful suggestions about it .how should i start and what should i do.plz also tell me that from what amount of chicks i should start.plz reply me as soon as possible.

    • Aslam O Alikum Sir,
      I am sorry that I have no connection with the actual field of poultry farming thus cannot provide you with such details. But what I can suggest you is to visit poultry farms or shops around you and research and explore about this business idea. Talk to people in the field of poultry farming and they will guide you everything way better than I can ever. If you find a useful answer do let me know as well on my e-mail address [email protected] so that I can help others with it. Thank You!

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        Thnxx in advance….

    • dear bother first of all please be careful about investment you should not spend everything in one go.
      1. Do the market research (about demand and supply)
      2. in poultry there are many kinds of birds
      a. pi-cock, b. pigeon and parrots c. normal hen d. fancy hen.
      3. what are you going for ?
      a.egg production
      b.chicks production
      c.meat production
      4. will you rent a farm or you own a land?
      my advice will be go from hobby to business in other words buy some 10 hens and one rooster if you are going for normal business. for more detail contact me [email protected]

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    its a really great article and also by reading the comments I must say its commendable what a great , kind human being you are that you take initiative to reply to each individual and guiding them as per knowledge which you have keep up the great work keep inspiring , wish you all the success and happiness in life Ins Shaa Allah . really a role model figure for the modern generation , thank you.

    if you don’t mind can you share your email id I would really like to be in touch with such a great personality.

  • Pakistan is a country where you can earn as much as 3 to 5 thousand rupees a day with a cart of French fries in any posh area.Its increasing population and more than 70 million middle-class consumers are the powerful agents that can turn innovative business ideas in Pakistan into a reality.

    According to Entrepreneur, every business idea is fantastic if it fulfills the given criteria:
    it solves a problem (it fulfills any need in the community)
    it’s scalable (you can grow it, extend it, expand it, shrink it, limit it)
    it’s profitable
    it’s not easy to copy (means you can add something unique into it)
    it appeals to your gut feeling
    I have a list of all Business Ideas in Pakistan with Small Investment in 2020 to know about all these ideas read more on business ideas in Pakistan

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  • A housing society like Bahria Town provides safety and quality living standards. You’ll have the luxury to access the top of the line schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, and clothing franchises. In terms of entertainment facilities, Bahria Town provides cinemas, golf clubs, beautiful landscapes, lakes, green areas, flower gardens, children’s playgrounds, cycling tracks, walking & jogging tracks, and much more without needing to go out of the housing society. Above all, it is about making the residents’ life much easier!

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    First of all good work, keep it up.
    I m a working perion anf have no idea about any business. I have a saving off 2Million rupees. Please also can guide about any investment or business idea to have good return on investment for 2M or under?

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  • Hi, this is Amer Rafiq. I came to Pakistan from Usa. I have brought few projects for Pakistan and needed human Develoment force.
    Send me your CVs.
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    Hope you all are fine, I need yours help. I want to start Computer / Laptop Repairing Services at door to door System.
    Can any on one guide me ? How I start from Karachi Pakistan?

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    Second idea is to start mobile spare parts.. which one will be the best option??

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    I am a Civil Engineer and have spent more than 18 years abroad. I am interested to start my own business now in Islamabad like;
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    • Or any other business which is not specific for an engineer i.e. to open a General Store or cosmetics or a brand shop.
    For that I have already purchased a shop in a newly constructed shopping mall. I left Pakistan when I completed my engineering degree and now, I am back with a vast construction experience but unfortunately have no idea what to start here in Pakistan. Very uncertain atmosphere I found here in the last 5 months. My 3 friends, who also came from abroad, have already initiated some sorts of businesses but all of them did not succeeded. I can invest up to 5 million +, but am worried not to face failure otherwise I would have to move back abroad, which I do not really want.
    I came across to this article, and it is the first time that I am asking from someone an advice and that is you. So, could you please give me some advice. I will appreciate your cooperation.
    Best regards,

    • Thanks a lot for appreciating and trusting me.
      Sir, I have answered this question a lot of times. Please take your time to read all the comments above and I am sure you will find your answer if not then feel free to ask further.
      You can also contact me via email personally for further guidance. [email protected]

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      Start forex trading invest just 1m I hope you will get a handsome return. For guide line you may contact me.

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  • Thanx Aiza Riaz Butt for excellent guidelines for empowerment of vibrant youth. The major causes of failure of start ups lie in lack of relevant experience, market information and pragmatic feasibility report before starting their business. The young entrepreneurs may work at least 6 months or a year in the field wherein they want to start their business in order to gain relevant experience and information and also prepare their feasibility study with pragmatic approach. Kindly provide your valuable input for success for startups.

    • Thank you very for your appreciation and suggestion. I have linked my article ‘Tips for startups’ here. Kindly have a look at it and do let me know if I missed something.

  • Assalam o alikum, I’m a 34y/female, working as a teacher. I need a part time business which must not need much of my time. And so I could manage it with my job and households. Is there any idea?

    • Walikum Maslam,
      You can sell frozen food in your neighbouring houses later expand, can import and sell high-end makeup products which are not available in Pakistan(original), you can sell accessories etc online. Whatever suits you. Brief your area of interest and then I will be able to help you in a more specific manner

      • Can you recommend me one or two brands of make up products I could try my luck. I want it home based COD type. just need suggestion on brand of make up. want to Sell by FB, Instagram and sms marketing. Also some most commonly used items too. Maximum 4 or 5.

  • Assalamu alaikum
    I am a student of 2nd year. I want to do part time online job please guide me if there is a website which can hire me to do online job because I am a student.
    Thank you!

    • There are a number of freelancing sites i.e: Guru.com, Freelancer.com, Rozee.pk etc. If you don’t want to become a freelancer and want to work for a fixed company. You can send your CV as an email to different Pakistan based or international companies like PhoneWorld for the job of content writer.

      But most importantly, remember, that all these part-time jobs are temporary and dosnt matter much. What really matters is your education and if you sacrifice it for a part-time job you ‘ll lose a lot. Be a dedicated student! May Luck Hit You Hard! ( in a positive manner of course XD)

  • I want to start a cattle farming/dairy business (starting from 1 m). But one issue I have to face is that during pregnant stage of the cattle there will be no milk for about 6-8 months. How to come up with that?

    • Instead of Farming Business its better to invest in Forex market you will get a handsome earning monthly.

  • Dear Akhtar, assalam u alaikum, hope all well with you… I might be able to help you on this but , got few questions, in what capacity you would like to start salt lamp and pink salt Business. As a manufacturer, distribution, or retailer… will you be able to deal with institutional sales ( bulk)

  • Hi Aiza , Its wonderful efforts Keep it up we are also running one whats app group to help people who are looking for Job or any business opportunity its absolutely Free of Cost just to help fellows.

    Fortunately many of group members already got the opportunity. if any one interested he can join from following link


    Zeshan Saeed

  • Dear Concern; Hope you all are fine, I need yours help. I want to start Pink Hamilyian Salt / Salt Lamp Business,
    Can any on one guide me ? How I start from Karachi Pakistan?

    I expect to your valued response soon

    I remain your disposal with best wishes and regards

  • Assalammualikum, I want to start mobile & it’s accessories business… I want to sale these products to the shop keepers as a door to door supplier.. I will purchase the mobile phone and accessories from whole sale market and will sale them in local market shops…is It a profitable business ..can you guide me about it

    • The business you are talking about is as of a Disributor. The mobile industry is at a very low edge nowadays in Pakistan. So is every other business. But the type of business you are going for will require a lot of time as it is more dependant upon your PR. Competition is very high and most of the retailers tend to reach out to the wholesalers themselves in person. Go hunt for some wholesalers, if you find a person offering goods at some special percentage, due to your personal relations ( Which is very less likely) or you are in a position to provide the retailers with such incentives which would prove to be profitable to both of you only then you can gather an audience.

  • These days I have an option to go for masters or start a business with Rs 1.5M, what should i opt? As after doing masters there will be fissure of job market. I might be standing at same point. What should i do now? I am little confused. Meanwhile starting a new business in food sector, with little knowledge, of course i will do my research work before starting but even then a new bee in market. where should i go? a life leading to masters then may be phd and so on or start earning right now when i have already used 3 free years.

    • I have heard of some Masters program in which you have one class or two each week, Saturday and Sunday probably. If you wish to proceed with your studies you can join that Masters program. It will be a good idea if you have some family member to back you up in your business matters. Because business is a far more difficult 24/7 job. So if you feel confident enough to take both your studies and business side by side this is the best option to go for.
      Otherwise, I would say that if you need to support your family financially on the spot go for the business rather studying.
      The third option is that keep the business aside for the time. Go for Masters. So that even if later you go for a business as well you ‘ll always have another window for a job open. Start off your business as a small step not a mega project all at once. test it first them invest as much as you can.

  • A.oA
    I have read your article and almost all related comments, replies and suggestions. I had completed bachelors in Mechanical engineering in 2016, but unemployed since then. I, even cant pursue further education, being backed by family can manage to get 4-8 lacks for business. Living in multan, what can i start with this investment. Food business will be preferable but i dont think it is supportive with people’s enviornment like food trends in lahore or islamabad.

    • Walikum Maslam Sir!

      First of all, never leave your field completely, keep looking for jobs, you invested your precious time on this degree, don’t let it go in vain. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit like this and wait for such a job. Look for a job while working on your business plans.
      The following was a response to another person with a similar query. Hope it can help you too. The best option among those mentioned below for you are owning a Marque or Marriage Hall in my opinion.

      There are a few ever-green businesses for Pakistan. These are in somewhat relatively stable condition even today. Food, Wedding or Event organizer, Education. These three fields will never go dry in Pakistan. Let me brief you about them in detail and separately.

      Food-related businesses have a very vast scope today. You can run a home-based food business through which you can offer frozen food i.e: samosa, kababs, lasagna etc or home-based bakery. another such option today is to cook food and deliver it to offices or workplaces or to facilitate the homes of working women. This is as if a smaller trial of owning such a business.
      Then, of course, comes setting up a restaurant. You need professional chefs and a place and got to register your name and stuff.


      Owning a marque or a marriage hall, catering services, decorating services, flower shop, makeup studio, photography, complete event organization, cloth, merely anything and everything related to weddings and events would work in Pakistan as per the lavish customs and traditions of the land. Own a marque or two at a good spot and you ‘ll have to do nothing just sit back rent it out to people for their events and get paid.

      3. Education
      Teaching any skill or any course is a good option. Otherwise, an academy will work best. The academy-culture is quite high in Pakistan and it can be viewed as a profitable business. It depends on which level of the academy you would like to open. It can be matric/ Fsc like the usual or O/A Levels if you wanna level up a bit. Then comes CSS or Languages or SAT etc. Another option can be quite an unusual and unique one i.e: food academy or any other skill.

      4th can be that If you wanna go for some online business. Digital Marketing is the best one nowadays.

  • need about some consideration to start up a small business with multi options i have expernce in lot of things hostel management restaurant academy director also much more things in also online working.

    • Aslam O Alikum Sir!

      There are a few ever-green businesses for Pakistan. These are in somewhat relatively stable condition even today. Food, Wedding or Event organizer, Education. These three fields will never go dry in Pakistan. Let me brief you about them in detail and separately.

      Food-related businesses have a very vast scope today. You can run a home-based food business through which you can offer frozen food i.e: samosa, kababs, lasagna etc or home-based bakery. another such option today is to cook food and deliver it to offices or workplaces or to facilitate the homes of working women. This is as if a smaller trial of owning such a business.
      Then, of course, comes setting up a restaurant. You need professional chefs and a place and got to register your name and stuff.


      Owning a marque or a marriage hall, catering services, decorating services, flower shop, makeup studio, photography, complete event organization, cloth, merely anything and everything related to weddings and events would work in Pakistan as per the lavish customs and traditions of the land. Own a marque or two at a good spot and you ‘ll have to do nothing just sit back rent it out to people for their events and get paid.

      3. Education
      Teaching any skill or any course is a good option. Otherwise, an academy will work best. The academy-culture is quite high in Pakistan and it can be viewed as a profitable business. It depends on which level of the academy you would like to open. It can be matric/ Fsc like the usual or O/A Levels if you wanna level up a bit. Then comes CSS or Languages or SAT etc. Another option can be quite an unusual and unique one i.e: food academy or any other skill.

      4th can be that If you wanna go for some online business. Digital Marketing is the best one nowadays.

      Hope you find it helpful. Let me know if you want any further help. Thank You!

  • I want to start some bussiness under 1 lac budget. My area of interest is in makeup field I am very good in it. But this profession is taking as not that much good you know. And of course my parents not allow me to do. But if I got opportunity to start it what will be the first step n how I can start it ? Secondly daycare center bussiness is good or come under low budget? Lastly I really inspired by your article you did well really appreciatable. Keep it up ?

    • Aslam O Alikum!

      First of all, Thank you for your appreciation and support it really means a lot. Secondly, the make-up industry is really at a high end in Pakistan today. Not only that there are a number of opportunities available due to the unlimited saloons present but also makeup blogging has become a trend lately. There are three ways to pursue in the field of Makeup. But unfortunately, for all of them, you need the strong consent of your parents as it is no work from home job. Let me brief you about them separately.

      1. You can visit several saloons (preferably renowned) and present yourself as a makeup artist, show your skill and earn the post. It is a skill so you have to be up to the mark or else you are out. from a lower post you will carve your way to becoming a senior MUA. And then have a saloon of yourself. If you directly start off by opening a saloon you won’t get that attention. Skill related fields demand a renowned name, a professional and in this way, you will become the biggest attraction towards your business.

      2. You can have a small setup of your own at a rented or owned place. Have makeup workshops there as a source of earning or a saloon of your own.

      3. Make-up Blogging, it is one of the best ways to pursue in this field. Get your reputation high through Instagram and Youtube and high-end makeup products companies and saloons will hunt for you. I know a bunch of friends who started from scratch and today they have become highly reputed MUAs. It requires the minimum investment you do on purchasing makeup products for yourself or the tools you use to shoot your video.

      I warn you that you do need the consent of your parents for this. It is a self-exposing profession and you need to get into it with all the support you can gather from your family. Glow Girl! Best Of Luck for your journey! Never lose hope <3

    • The second business idea you have is a much easier, convenient and less controversial one. And yes it comes under low budget business ideas. BUT unfortunately, the culture and law and order situation of Pakistan doesn’t support such businesses. No one trusts their children with such organizations. Unless you tend to own a lavish daycare centre with all its protocols in an elite class area. If in your neighbourhood are a number of working mothers, who also know you in person and can trust you with their children. Then you can have a daycare centre in your own home with minimum investment. In this way, they will get facilitated and you get to own a business of your own.

  • AslamoAlikum! I am 2nd year student.and want to support my family with my own skills .but I am not allowed to do job outside .I want to do any type of online business which don’t reveal my identity.Actually i am a good story teller and also a good craft maker ..Can u plz help me in finding a right place for me..Thank U

    • Walikum Maslam!

      I will try my level best to help you in every way possible. Firstly, you have a skill at hand- art and craft (if I got that right). You can use it. Improve and display your skill for free via Facebook, Instagram and OLX. Be patient as it is a slow process and will take time. The only tip I can provide you with, in this regard is that in crafts the most preferable business today is for props and backdrops. As the bridal shower and several such trends are really up u can contribute in such stuff. You can also contact several event planners or organizations which are into this business they may require a skill full worker and it completely works from home.

      As far as your creative writing is concerned. It is a very valuable skill today. You can make an account on Freelancer.com, guru.com, rozee.pk , make a profile, enter your skills, and this way you can get a suitable job. Moreover, you can reach out to the local magazines and such forums to display your skills and get a job there. Best of Luck!

  • Amazing article..!
    I am in Saudi Arabia, working in logistic department. but now a days the situation here also not good, any time company can terminate us.
    I have interest in property business want to start in Pakistan, but little bit confusion.
    Need guideline about the city that which city will be best.

    • Walikum Maslam,

      Sir, nowadays Pakistan’s economic conditions do not support any such business. Property business is at a very low edge. However, if you wish to try your luck Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore can be viewed as the most valued cities in regards to this business.

      Thank You for your appreciation!

  • Assalam o Alaikum! I want to start agricultural business but my family is not supporting me. Plz guide me how it will be convenient for a women to start a business without support of family? And from where can I get farming skills?

    • Walikum Maslam!

      This is a really great idea, Ms Asma. The agriculture industry is one of the most versatile and profitable industries in Pakistan. If you wish to pursue in Livestock farming or fish farming UVAS in Lahore can prove to be one of the best institutions for training and degree. Also, here is a link to all the universities in Lahore which can help you in getting trained. They offer full degree and short diplomas as well. https://www.ilmkidunya.com/colleges/agriculture-colleges-universities-in-lahore. You can visit the link. I belong to Lahore thus know about universities here as you didn’t specify your city. But on this website, you can also search for universities in other cities. I wish you the best of luck. A piece of advice is that try your level best to convince your family on supporting you. Tell them that this can unlock several opportunities in Pakistan. As this is the only ignored industry in Pakistan. All other industries are well-fed by labour and workforce. But we need specialists in Agriculture.

      Hope it proves to be helpful. Thank You!

    • Aslam O Alikum, Sir,

      The least investment is required in businesses involving personal skills or services. If you have any such skill i.e: Graphic designing, web development, composing, writing, teaching, coaching, any skill at all, you can sell it with zero investment. Otherwise, the above-mentioned businesses are all low-investment if started at a smaller-scale. Be particular about your field of interest and your skillset so that I may be able to guide you precisely and more efficiently.

      Thank You!

  • Hello everyone,
    I am member of oriflame Sweden based cosmetic company, I am working from Pakistan. This company is working worldwide and give you an opportunity to do homebased business. If anyone wants to become member of this company so you can contact to me on this
    email : [email protected]

    • A.A respected !
      I’m interested in cooking as a profession. I
      want to start this profession as a home based cooking, Then I’ll go for restaurant business.
      Kindly guide me in this way.

  • Awesom article.

    I moved back from abroad and I have worked in marketing and sales as well as handled accounts in ad agencies I have over 8 years experience.

    Been almost 6 months in Karachi but haven’t really found a job and can’t figure out what to do .

    I tried real estate but the current conditions for the market is almost to zero .

    Any adivse?

    • Thank You for your appreciation, Sir!

      First of all the current situation of Pakistan doesn’t welcome any new investments or businesses. So, do not try to go for one rather struggle in a field you have been for a while. Employment issue persists in Pakistan but Digital Marketing, in general, is relatively stable nowadays. What you need to do is that keep searching for a job do not stop the search in person, secondly use LinkedIn or rozee.pk to search suitable jobs for you within Karachi and if feasible, you can also search for jobs outside Karachi for the time being. If all your efforts go to vain, you can opt to teach your skills for the time being. Know that it isn’t just you and the problem is not with you, our country is facing such a crisis. So be hopeful and do not give up. You can consider freelancing, https://lms.digiskills.pk/Default.aspx this site offers government approved courses in digital skills.

      Hope you find it useful, do update me if you make any progress or need any assistance.

  • Hi,
    Amazing article, what do you think of organised nurse services? On part time and full time basis?

    • Hello!

      First of all, Thank you for your appreciation!

      Secondly, Nursing services comes under the banner of ‘jobs’, not businesses. If you are planning to adopt nursing as a job. It isn’t a bad idea at all. All you need to do is get skilled. And there are a number of clinics, colleges and hospitals giving free or paid nursing training. After which you can work part-time or full-time at private clinics, private hospitals or government hospitals. depending upon what suits you.

      Hope it proves to be helpful. If you have any further queries do let me know.

  • Can you suggest some websites for proof reading ghost writing or freelancing and stuff like that?

      • Hi dear i am working in a wearhouse store in wich macheenries part. And now i have aproximately 5 lac to invest. My education is just FSc. Give me an idea what can i do.

    • Aslam O Alikum!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. The only help I can provide is to guide you on what to do.

      1. You need to get some information about the business. Visit academies like Scope, Salt, Green Hall Academy, Kips, Unique. Meet their CEOs and ask them about how to get started. Scope academy belongs to one of my beloved teachers ‘Muzamil Mehmood’. So if you give him my name probably he’ll help you well.

      2. You need staff. Competent teachers for a variety of subjects depending upon whether you are planning on teaching Matriculations or O/A Levels. They should be experts in their field of subject.

      3. You need a place. Rent it or purchase. Depending upon your budget.

      4. Gather audience through advertisement.

      1. Good faculty is the greatest attraction you can have in an academy.
      2. Focus more on quality than the amount of money being generated this way you will be able to earn a good reputation and name and that does go a long way.
      3. Have a schedule and teaching style set for you academy team. So that everyone may be on the same page and not running in chaos.

    • Well if you wanna stay low, like under ‘1 lac Rs’ of investment. Then rather than a proper setup with several subjects being offered and a proper place reserved. You can use some portion of your own house. And offer the subject which you are expert at. In this way, you will be starting off with a small-scale academy which will have the potential to get developed later and it is good to experience the nature of the business. For the advertisement, You can have a board engraved outside your house, print and distribute brochures this would cost you under 10K or you can advertise for free on OLX. Start low and progress slowly, then expand gradually. This will also prove to be a test drive before investing the huge sum.

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