Smart phones: Sleeker, thinner and faster!

Smart phones are the new big thing in the handset arena and have created a storm in the global telecom community. These devices have arrived in great fashion at the lowest and most competitive prices and have further been strengthened with amazing.

No doubt, Apple had it good in the mid to late 2000’s right up until the launch of the iPhone 4S. But their competition has caught up to them and now it’s sink or swim. This war started by the time the Galaxy SII and (more importantly) Android 4.0 ICS hit the market, however, the gap between the Iphones and other smart phones had finally closed. While one could debate that the choice by this point is still largely that of preference (or carrier, realistically), the release of the Galaxy SIII and other high end, ICS-equipped smart phones has made the current Apple flagship notably inferior in comparison.

Since then, I have found myself increasingly checking out the Android. Not to be a kill joy, but the Galaxy S3 is prettier, smarter and almost a year younger then the 4S, and it’s possible a cool redesign, some beefed up specs and does all sorts of crazy things the iPhone is just too conservative to do (some of you KNOW what I’m talking about!). Don’t get me wrong, it’s very fast and light, but, when you look at the Iphone’s screen and see you can only use the typical theme, and they don’t let you change anything that gives you the first hint of all the things you can do on a Galaxy.

In a year or two, there will be another one, and it’ll be even faster, lighter, etc., and a year or two after that, the same again. It’s continuous progress! Maybe the next Android will grab the market again or iPhone will be in the top running, or maybe even a Windows 8 phone. (It’s unlikely, but possible) We should all hope every company pushes the bar forward, as that’s the best way to keep each one from resting on their laurels.

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