Smartphone Sale drops drastically amid COVID-19 Outbreak

More dismal numbers confirm what we already knew: for an already struggling smartphone category Q1 2020 was truly rough. Gartner’s new study places the consumer industry at a drop of 20.2 percent relative to last year’s same moment, due mainly to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Smartphone Sales Trend

All of the world’s top five suppliers suffered significant losses for the year, except for Xiaomi, which saw a small 1.4 percent rise. The Chinese handset producer got a sudden boost, because of foreign sales. Samsung, Huawei and OPPO companies suffered double-digit drop-offs of 22.7%, 27.3% and 19.1%, while Apple declined 8.2%. Other firms combined for a sizable Q1 loss of 24.2 per cent. 

The study is consistent with evidence from other outlets both of which during the COVID-19 epidemic indicated a significant decrease in phone sales. IDC said first-quarter phone shipments from suppliers to retailers fell 12 percent, and Apple announced last quarter its iPhone sales revenue fell 7 percent. During the pandemic, certain other hardware types, such as laptops, kept up well because more people wanted to purchase 

For Apple smartphone, the company undoubtedly have seen its iPhone sales hit record high in the year. Disruptions in the supply chain and rising customer spending in February put a stop to the positive slope of trend. 

It also comes in comparison to still plateauing / declining demand for smartphones. Analysts have been predicting 5G’s arrival to help stem the flow a bit—but, yeah, some things happened there. Notably, thanks to a strong start to the year, Apple’s slide wasn’t as bad as it might have been. 

Take Away

COVID-19 ‘s future also remains somewhat unclear because the countries have began the reopening cycle, and those who are struggling to reach ends do still not have a expensive investment in the cards. Smartphone industries are struggling hard to cope with curb of Coronavirus and regulate their routine business cycles. 


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