Smartphones Supporting 150W Fast-Charging to launch Soon

Batteries are one of the most vital parts of our electronics these days especially our smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles are totally dependant on them. Sadly, we are still incorporating Lithium-ion batteries into these products which were developed many years back. These batteries make the devices last for one day which means people have to charge their phones at least one time a day or if your usage is more, you need to charge it multiple times as well. Smartphones Supporting 150W Fast-Charging to launch Soon.

Keeping in view this issue, many companies have come up with development which has subsided this issue to some extent. Now with 120W fast chargers, the devices can charge up to 5,000mAh battery in just 20 minutes.

Now a famous leaker from Digital Chat Station has announced that 150W fast chargers are on their way and soon we are going to see them in upcoming devices. The post from him shows a number 150 that is followed by a Watt unit. In the comments section, he tells that  “Mass production machine coming soon.

Smartphones Supporting 150W Fast-Charging to launch Soon

It means soon we will be able to see smartphones having 150 W charging.  From the previous records, we can easily guess that this innovation will come from Chinese brands including Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, etc, and not from the tech giants Samsung and Apple.

Currently, 120 and 125 W fast chargers, top-ups the battery in 20 minutes which means 150 Watt charging will just take a few minutes to charge your device and you will be ready to take your full charged device along.

While it is confirmed that devices supporting fast charging are going to launch soon, but time will tell which brand will be the first one to incorporate this technology.

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